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11 Jul 2017 - 24 Jan 2021
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Politics and More Podcast
How Will the Brinkmanship Between the U.S. and Iran Be Resolved?
Robin Wright joins Dorothy Wickenden to discuss the crisis in the Gulf and whether the two countries are bluffing about going to war.
By Dorothy WickendenSeptember 19, 2019
Our Columnists
In Saudi Arabia, World Oil Supplies Are in Flames
The attack in the heart of Saudi Arabia on Saturday was audacious; it set a precedent for the targets, tactics, and scope of warfare in the Persian Gulf and has global ramifications.
By Robin WrightSeptember 16, 2019
Q. & A.
A Middle Eastern-Studies Professor on His Conversations with Mohammed Bin Salman
Bernard Haykel, a professor of Near Eastern studies at Princeton, has met M.B.S., communicated with him via WhatsApp, and voiced support for the crown prince’s agenda.
By Isaac ChotinerApril 8, 2019
News Desk
The Middle East’s Great Divide Is Not Sectarianism
Wrongly defining the struggles gripping the Middle East encourages misguided remedies.
By Hussein Agha and Robert MalleyMarch 11, 2019
News Desk
Will Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder Help End the Ghastly War in Yemen?
The United States and Britain, the two largest sources of arms for the House of Saud, launched a new push this week to end the ghastly conflict in Yemen.
By Robin WrightNovember 2, 2018
Is Yemen’s Man-Made Famine the Future of War?
A trip to Yemen revealed that there is no shortage of food, but the U.S.-backed military intervention has put millions at risk of starvation.
By Jane FergusonJuly 11, 2018
News Desk
A Saudi-Backed “Assassination” Could Worsen Yemen’s War
The killing of a rebel leader is likely to intensify the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
By Nicolas NiarchosMay 1, 2018
Politics and More Podcast
The American Bombs Falling on Yemen
At a funeral in Sana’a, a Saudi-led coalition plane dropping U.S. bombs took the life of a man who might have helped bring peace.
By Dorothy WickendenMarch 26, 2018
The New Yorker Radio Hour
The American Bombs Falling on Yemen
At a funeral in Sana’a, a Saudi plane dropping American bombs took the life of a man who might have made peace. Plus, a look at Scott Pruitt, the E.P.A. nemesis who runs Trump’s E.P.A.
By David RemnickMarch 23, 2018
Dept. of Foreign PolicyJanuary 22, 2018 Issue
How the U.S. Is Making the War in Yemen Worse
The conflict has killed at least ten thousand civilians, and the country faces famine. Why are we still involved?
By Nicolas NiarchosJanuary 15, 2018
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