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14 Oct 2016 - 14 May 2022
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Your Snaps. Now in 3D.
Today we’re excited to introduce a 3D Camera Mode that adds depth to your Snaps. Use it to create Snaps that capture spatial detail, changing in perspective and appearance based on how you move your phone when you view them. These new Snaps look different, act different, and feel different.
We’re also introducing new 3D Effects that you can swipe on in the Filter Carousel. Together they feel life-like and magical, bringing your world and experience to life in a way that's a step closer to the real thing.
We’re releasing this new capability on a small handful of phones to start with, but any phone can receive and interact with one of these Snaps. If you come across one of these new kinds of Snaps in a Story, you can bring it to life by giving your phone a wiggle.
Happy Snapping!
Team Snap
Posted September 17, 2019 at 5:00 am
Introducing Spectacles 3
Today we’re excited to introduce Spectacles 3, the latest version of Spectacles sunglasses with dual cameras designed to capture the world in 3D.
Spectacles 3 are built with a strong, lightweight steel frame and circular lenses. Two HD cameras on either side of the frame capture depth and dimension the way your eyes do, and power new augmented reality creative tools to enhance your Snaps.
It’s easy to reimagine your favorite moments with a suite of new 3D Effects. Create your own magic moment, or add new lighting, landscapes, and other magical effects to an entire scene with a swipe.
Use the included 3D Viewer to immerse yourself in one of your own memories or enjoy someone else’s perspective.
Spectacles 3 will ship this fall and are available to pre-order now at
We hope you love the new Spectacles as much as we do!
Team Snap
Posted August 13, 2019 at 6:00 am
Celebrating Our Real Friends
When we launched Snapchat more than seven years ago, it wasn’t about capturing the traditional Kodak moment, or trying to look pretty or perfect. We wanted to create a way for our friends to express themselves and share however they felt in the moment.
Today, we're launching a celebration of the real friends who use Snapchat. Featuring more than 70 Snapchatters from 12 different countries, "Real friends" shares the stories behind real friendships around the world.
We hope you enjoy hearing their stories as much as we have!
Happy Snapping!
Team Snap
Posted July 30, 2019 at 12:00 am
To Android. Love, Snapchat.
Today, we're really excited to announce the new, faster Snapchat — rebuilt just for your Android phone!
We’ve spent over a year rebuilding our Android app from the ground up. For our Android community, that means improvements across the app — including updates to Lenses, Stories, taking Snaps, and more! The new Snapchat for Android is just one of many things we're working on to make sure Snapchat’s one of the fastest and most fun ways to stay in touch.
Check out the Google Play Store to update!
Happy Snapping!
Team Snap
Posted April 23, 2019 at 1:10 pm
Snap Partner Summit | Introducing Snap Games
Eight years ago, we created Snapchat to make talking with your friends faster and more fun.
But friendship is more than just the things you talk about. Friendship is also about the experiences you have together — so we’ve been working hard to build an entirely new experience for friends to play together.
Introducing Snap Games: mobile games, made for friends!
You can launch Snap Games right from the Chat bar, allowing you and your friends to instantly play together — no install required. You can see which friends you’re playing with, send them a chat, or even talk live with voice chat. It feels like you’re sitting shoulder to shoulder, playing on the same screen.
Snap Games is launching with six titles:
Here’s a bit more about Bitmoji Party:
Snap Games begin rolling out to the world today!
Happy Snapping!
Team Snap
Posted April 4, 2019 at 11:30 am
Snap Partner Summit | New Snap Originals
Today we’re excited to announce our new slate of Snap Originals programming!
These Shows span docuseries and scripted, comedies, and teen dramas — but they all have one thing in common. It’s not just the Shows that are original, it’s the way the stories are told.
They’re personal, intimate, and made for the way you use your phone today.
We’re so grateful to our partners for joining us to shape the future of mobile storytelling. And we’re happy to report that the new format we’re building together is working!
Over the last year alone, the time Snapchatters spent watching Shows has nearly tripled1. Endless Summer was a hit, reaching over 28 Million unique viewers during its first season2. And with The Dead Girls Detective Agency, over 40% of the viewers that completed the first episode went on to watch the entire first season3. Both of these Snap Originals, and also Deep Creek, have been renewed and will be back this summer!
With Snap Originals, we’re creating amazing Shows that can be experienced almost anywhere. We can’t wait to launch these new series and more in the coming months! Learn more about the upcoming Snap Originals here.
Enjoy the Shows!
Team Snap
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Posted April 4, 2019 at 11:30 am
Snap Partner Summit | The Future of Lenses
Almost four years ago, we introduced Lenses: a whole new way to see your selfie!
The first Lenses we made were for self expression. Next came World Lenses: 3D stickers, Bitmoji, and dancing hot dogs overlaid on the world around you. Most recently, we launched Snappables — games you can play with your face!
In just over a year, more than 400,000 Lenses have been created by our community, and people have played with those Lenses over 15 billion times!1 We’re introducing Creator Profiles to help Lens Creators showcase their work and learn more about their audience.
We call them Lenses because they don’t just filter your world. They allow you to immerse yourself in something new. We believe that someday in the future, these kinds of experiences will be layered on the world around you with new ways to talk, create, learn, and play.
Today, we’re making it easier to find the right Lenses at the right time.
Just press and hold on your camera screen to Scan the world around you.
Scan a math problem to get the answer, or a product to see results on Amazon. Scan your dog to give her goofy glasses, or a song to see who sings it. Scan the sky to see whales swim over the horizon, or scan your hand to watch butterflies emerge as you open your palm.
Today’s Lens Studio update now includes even more templates for augmented reality creators — including Landmarkers, which empower creators to build Lenses that can transform the world's most iconic landmarks in real-time. There are also new templates for hand-tracking, body-tracking, and more, which you can use to create Lenses that could appear when Snapchatters use Scan!
Happy Snapping!
Team Snap
1Snap Inc. internal data: Dec 2017 - March 2019
Posted April 4, 2019 at 11:30 am
Snap Partner Summit | Plug in to Snap Kit
To date, more than 200 apps have integrated with Snap Kit, powering all sorts of unique experiences that bring some of Snapchat’s most popular features to partner applications, and allow Snapchatters to create Snaps using creative tools built by our partners.
Today we’re excited to announce new Snap Kit experiences:
Introducing App Stories
App Stories allow Snapchatters to share content right from the Snapchat camera to a Story inside another app.
Creative Kit
Conversation is so often about the content and causes you care about. We’re excited to announce that soon, you’ll be able to share custom stickers from your favorite services right on a Snap.
With many of these integrations, friends can simply swipe up to watch, listen, or donate on their own!
Bitmoji Kit
Bitmoji Kit helps our community bring their Bitmoji with them to even more places.
Introducing Ad Kit
Ad Kit allows developers to access our new Snap Audience Network and bring our popular mobile ad format, Snap Ads, to their apps. This will help our partners grow, and offer advertisers new ways to reach the Snapchat community.
We’re accepting applications for Ad Kit and App Stories (part of Story Kit) at beginning today.
Happy Snapping!
Team Snap
Posted April 4, 2019 at 11:30 am
Celebrating Friendship
Today we’re excited to introduce a new way to celebrate your friendships on Snapchat. Just tap on a friend’s Bitmoji to find your Friendship Profile.
In each Friendship Profile, you’ll find the images, videos, messages, links, and more that you and your friends have saved in Chat, all in one place. Friendship Profiles make it easy to find your favorite memories and the important information you've saved over time. It's the fastest way to find the highlights of your friendship.
Friendship Profiles celebrate your relationships in a private way--each Friendship will only be visible to you and the person (or Group!) that you are friends with on Snapchat.
Friendship Profiles will be rolling out slowly to Snapchatters globally over the coming weeks.
Happy Snapping!
Team Snap
Posted November 13, 2018 at 6:00 am
Introducing Snap Camera
Today we are excited to introduce Snap Camera: a free application designed for desktop that invites anyone to experience the fun of Lenses while using their computer.
With Snap Camera for desktop, choose from thousands of Lenses, including classics made by Snapchat as well as new designs created daily by the Lens Creator community through Lens Studio. This means more streaming and sharing with Lenses — now on more devices!
To get started, download the Snap Camera app on your desktop device. Snap Camera syncs with the camera connected to your computer and works with some of your favorite video-sharing platforms and apps. This means wearing Lenses while recording your next Youtube video, or even while streaming with apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, and OBS. We’ve also developed a custom Snap Camera integration just for streaming on Twitch.
Happy Snapping!
Team Snap
Posted October 26, 2018 at 11:30 am
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