The History of Democracy
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22 Jul 2017 - 30 Jan 2020
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The Worst Form of Government
A History of Democracy from Beginning to End
by Matthew White

*Democracy is the worst form of Government - except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. WINSTON CHURCHILL, 1947
Copyright © November 2016 by Matthew White
PrologueIntroductionCH.1: GreeceCH.2: More GreeceCH.3: RomeCH.4: More RomeCH.5: ParliamentCH.6: USA! USA!CH.7: FranceCH.8: 1812CH.9: USA! USA!CH.10: Old HickoryCH.11: Europe 1830CH.12: Europe 1848CH.13: Civil WarCH.14: ReconstructionCH.15: Two Hyphenated WarsCH.16: Misc. 19CCH.17: [Reserved]CH.18: [Reserved]CH.19: Early 20CCH.20: WW1CH.21: 1920sMaps: 20th C.The Rise of HitlerThe Fall of CommunismList of Democracies