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Privacy Policy
General information
Last updated: 4 November 2019
This Privacy Policy shall apply to the entire service XING and its applications (kununu etc.).
New Work SE is the body responsible for the processing of personal data.
Our Data Protection Officer is Anja Engler.
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How is your personal data processed?
1. General statement about the purposes of data processing
The main reason we process personal data is to fulfil our contractual obligations towards our users. The processing of data is required, for example, for us to be able to suggest suitable contacts, services and information to you.
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2. Information you provide to us
This refers to data we obtain from you directly and information you publish and send on XING Websites such as:
Login details (e.g. username and password)
Profile information (e.g. job title, company name, industry, educational background, contact options, photo)
Messages, group posts, event participation, billing details
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3. Information we automatically obtain through your use of XING
Data about you is automatically collated by means of tracking while you visit or make use of the XING service. Here you can find out:
How tracking works
Why we make use of tracking (ensuring security, provision of our service, measurement and optimisation of advertising, and determination of statistics).
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4. Information we obtain about you from other sources
Some information about you that we process does not come directly from you. This might be the case, for example, if a user shares this information with us or we obtain it from other sources.
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5. Who may receive information about you?
You can find out here who we disclose data to, what purpose this serves, and how you can customise your privacy settings on XING. By the way, we only ever pass your personal data on to third parties when:
This is required for us to fulfil our business purposes, e.g. when we make your profile accessible to another user
You have granted your consent (e.g. for use of an external application)
We are obliged to do so on legal grounds, by court order, or at the request of another official authority.
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What rights can you exercise?
You can find detailed information here about your various rights:
Your right to object
Your right of access
Your right to erasure
Other rights
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Terms used in our Privacy Policy
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Privacy on XING in more detail.
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