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Condé Nast Global Revenue
Condé Nast brands have extraordinary influence, with the power to move and disrupt culture in fundamental and important ways. To leverage that influence, Condé Nast has developed an innovative suite of products that enable partners to harness its rich content and sought-after audience to drive business outcomes.
Through world-renowned brands and a full suite of products including video, social, web, events, print—all fueled by data—Condé Nast delivers measurable impact for our partners.
Based in Condé Nast's New York headquarters, CNX is a full-service creative agency uniquely positioned to leverage the unparalleled influence and editorial expertise of Condé Nast. The agency’s industry-leading talent turns this access, insight and foresight into work that permeates culture to the core through advertising, brand strategy, casting and experiential capabilities.
Creative Studios
The Condé Nast Creative Studio operates as our London HQ's in-house creative agency, working across 31 markets and in collaboration with our world-leading brands. The company’s long history of immersive, visually arresting storytelling enables us to bring brands to life in spectacular ways, harnessing the experience of our talented team of journalists, designers, video producers and directors to ensure clients always receive innovative solutions utilizing global and local knowledge.
Condé Nast also has dedicated creative studios in Britain, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Japan, China, Taiwan and India. This truly global creative network provides a wide range of creative services, including content creation, white label, consulting and experiential. We are expert storytellers and our global footprint allows us to create relevant and compelling content that resonates at both the local and global level.
Media, Brands & Licensing
Condé Nast global brand licensing team leverages the company’s market-leading editorial assets and brands through media and brand licensing, including publishing, content, endorsement and product licensing. Together with partners we develop innovative consumer products, platforms and experiences that connect with a loyal audience across diverse verticals such as fashion, beauty, design, food and travel.
Media Licensing
Content licensing provides access to more than 8 million assets including editorial, photography and illustration; and our endorsement licensing program includes the use of editorial content for marketing and PR purposes. To license one of our magazines, please email medialicensing@condenast.com​. For articles, images or to inquire about the use of a logo or award seals please contact contentlicensing@condenast.com.
Brand Licensing
Branded licensed products provide consumers with new ways to interact with brands they love. Together with category-expert partners we leverage our brands to create innovative branded products ranging from apparel and lifestyle goods to hospitality, including Vogue Cafés and GQ Bars across the world. For all product licensing inquiries, please email productlicensing@condenast.com​.
Restaurants and bars
Condé Nast creates exceptional consumer experiences with partners. These include ventures in property and retail, restaurants and bars.
Current Condé Nast operations across the globe include the following:
GQ Bar
Tatler Club
Vogue Café
Vogue Café
Vogue Café
Vogue Café
Condé Nast Luxury Conference
The annual Condé Nast Luxury Conference is a leading event in the industry calendar. Curated and hosted by Suzy Menkes, Editor, Vogue International, each year explores a key theme with a collection of eminent voices from the worlds of fashion and luxury.
For 2020, the conference will be taking place in Vienna, Austria on April 29th to 30th. The theme, The Gateway to Luxury, references the connections between the various central and eastern European nations.
“I am delighted to bring the next edition of the Condé Nast Luxury Conference to Vienna in 2020. Home to artists and musicians, the city is rich in culture and creative inspiration. Vienna has long acted as a connector or gateway between the various countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and I look forward to exploring these links. The programme will examine how economic growth in CEE countries is creating opportunities for the global luxury industry, 30 years after the fall of Communism, as well as the intersection between art, culture and luxury,” said Menkes.
Condé Nast Events
We believe going all out with full access, authority and influence with every live event we curate. Condé Nast brings its audiences up close and personal to our editorial ethos through dynamic experiences that put our editors, reporters, and the leaders and topics they cover at the forefront of culture. We challenge expectations, we shatter stereotypes, we redefine authenticity.
We change the narrative—and we do it live.
Condé Nast New York HQ
1 World Trade Center,
New York, NY 10007, USA
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Telephone: +1 212-286-2860
Email: communications@condenast.com
Condé Nast London HQ
The Adelphi, 1-11 John Adam Street
London, WC2N 6HT, United Kingdom
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Telephone: +44 (0)20 7851 1800
Email: communications@condenast.com

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