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  • Paul Aarts
  • Pauls Aarts teaches international relations at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Sara Ababneh
  • Sara Ababneh is assistant professor at the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan.
  • Samer Abboud
  • Samer Abboud is associate professor of international studies at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA and author of Syria (Polity, 2015).
  • Dalia Abd El-Hameed
  • Dalia Abd El-Hameed is gender and women's rights officer at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights. She is an M.A. student in sociology/anthropology program at the American University in Cairo, where she is writing her thesis on organized football fandom in Egypt.
  • Ahmed Abdalla
  • Ahmed Abdalla is the author of The Student Movement and National Politics in Egypt (London: al-Saqi, 1985).
  • Abbas Abdelkarim
  • Abbas Abdelkarim recently finished his doctorate at the School of Development Studies of the University of East Anglia.
  • Geneive Abdo
  • Geneive Abdo is the Iran-based correspondent for The Guardion of London and the author of No God but God: Egypt and the Triumph of Islam, forthcoming from Oxford University Press.
  • Thabit Abdullah
  • Thabit Abdullah is professor of Middle East history at York University in Toronto.
  • Mehdi Abedi
  • Mehdi Abedi is research associate in anthropology at Rice University.
  • Vahid Abedini
  • Vahid Abedini is a PhD candidate in political science at Florida International University.
  • Rola Abimourched
  • Rola Abimourched is a researcher on migration, with a specialization in the Middle East.
  • Khaled Abou El Fadl
  • Khaled Abou El Fadl is Omar and Azmeralda Alfi Distinguished Fellow in Islamic Law at the UCLA School of Law.
  • Hosam Aboul-Ela
  • Hosam Aboul-Ela teaches English at the University of Houston and is translator of Soleiman Fayyad's Voices.
  • Thomas Abowd
  • Thomas Abowd is assistant professor of anthropology at Wayne State University.
  • Tom Abowd
  • Tom Abowd is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Wayne State University.
  • Sameer Abraham
  • Sameer Abraham is a research associate at the Center for Urban Studies of Wayne State University.
  • Nabeel Abraham
  • Nabeel Abraham teaches anthropology and is director of the Honors Program at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan.
  • Ervand Abrahamian
  • Ervand Abrahamian is a CUNY Distinguished Professor in the Department of History, Baruch College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He is author of A History of Modern Iran [Cambridge, 2008].
  • Alexei Abrahams
  • Alexei Abrahams is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto.
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