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01 Apr 2019 - 02 Sep 2021
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Voices from the Middle East: US Sanctions on Iran Devastate the Health Sector
Kaveh Ehsani 03.31.2020
Current Analysis
COVID-19, Iran, Public Health, Sanctions
Saudi Arabia’s Weaponization of Oil Abundance
Gregory Brew 03.20.2020
Current Analysis
coronavirus, Oil, OPEC, Saudi Arabia
From the Archive: Iraqibacter and the Pathologies of Intervention
Omar Dewachi 03.9.2020
Current Analysis
Iraq, Iraq War (2003- ), Public Health
The Making of a "Resistance Parliament" in Iran and the Challenges Ahead
Vahid Abedini, Razieh Armin 03.5.2020
Current Analysis
coronavirus, Elections, Iran, protest, Sanctions
UCSC International Students Increasingly Vulnerable Amid Wildcat Strike
Ingy Higazy 02.27.2020
Current Analysis
cost of living, international students, strike, UCSC, university
Iraqi Protesters Thwarted by Trump's Iran Policy
Yousef K. Baker 02.11.2020
Current Analysis
Iran, Iraq, protests, US Policy
Moving Beyond the Apartheid Analogy in Palestine and South Africa
Loubna Qutami 02.3.2020
Current Analysis
Apartheid, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Palestine, South Africa, Trump
The Battle for Truth about CIA Torture
Lisa Hajjar 01.17.2020
Current Analysis
Guantánamo Bay, September 11, Torture
Agrarian Politics and the Slow Revolution Yet to Come
Max Ajl In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Agriculture, Political Economy
The Post-Oslo Neoliberal Laboratory
Ibrahim K. Shikaki In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Toward Religious Zionist Hegemony in Israel
Yoav Peled In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Israel, Judaism
The Battle for South Yemen
Susanne Dahlgren In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
UAE, Yemen
The Political Economy of Erdoğan’s Syria Gamble
Şahan Savaş Karataşlı In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Kurds, Political Economy, Turkey
Trauma as a Counterrevolutionary Strategy
Vivienne Matthies-Boon In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Activism, Egypt
Egypt’s Post-2011 Embrace of Russian-Style Misinformation Campaigns
Nathaniel Greenberg In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Egypt, Propaganda, Russia
Regional Authoritarians Target the Twittersphere
Alexei Abrahams In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Activism, Media, protest, Saudi Arabia
Trump’s Enabling Role in Rising Regional Repression
Adria Lawrence In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, US Policy
Regional Uprisings Confront Gulf-Backed Counterrevolution
Jonathan Fenton-Harvey In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Gulf, protest, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Resurgent Protests Confront New and Old Red Lines in Jordan
Curtis Ryan In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Activism, Jordan, protest
Thinking Critically About Regional Uprisings
Jillian Schwedler In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Activism, Middle East Studies, Political Economy, protest
Cracks in Tunisia’s Democratic Miracle
Laryssa Chomiak In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Political Economy, protest, Tunisia
Dhiban as Barometer of Jordan’s Rural Discontent
Colfax Phillips In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Activism, Jordan, protest
From Protesta to Hirak to Algeria’s New Revolutionary Moment
Robert Parks In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Activism, Algeria, protest
Lebanon’s Thawra
Rima Majed, Lana Salman In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Activism, Lebanon, protest
Iraqis Demand a Country
Zahra Ali In: 292/3 (Fall/Winter 2019)
MER Article
Iraq, Political Economy, protest
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