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A few rules for us and you
We want everyone to enjoy the BBC. But there are a few rules to stick to.
Take a look through our explainers to see what you (and we) can and can’t do. Our explainers cover questions we often get asked. Can’t find what you’re after? Take a look at the full version of the Terms of Use.
Accessing the BBC
When do I need a TV Licence?
What happens if I use the BBC when I’m outside the UK?
Joining in
What are the rules for commenting and uploading?
Who owns the content I post or upload?
What can the BBC do with the content that I post?
Help with moderation
How do I vote on a show or competition?
Can I share things from the BBC?
Extra terms when you use BBC Music Introducing
Using BBC Content
Can I use BBC content?
Can I reuse BBC content and services for my business?
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