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13 Aug 2019 - 19 Sep 2020
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"Ethiopia" Arama Sonuçları
Ethiopia: Landmine blast kills 8
Djibouti unfettered by Ethiopian search for other ports
Reformist Ethiopian leader meets opposition
Ethiopian parliament appoints election authority head
Rebel group members return to Ethiopia after peace deal
Turkey-Ethiopia trade ties endure test of time
Ethiopia cuts number of ministries as part of reform
Eritrean president visits Ethiopia again
Ethiopians get new legal path for Mideast work
Ethiopia’s ruling coalition reelects PM as its chairman
Turkey restores historic Al-Nejashi mosque in Ethiopia
Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan discuss hydro-dam on Nile
Turmoil kills dozens in Ethiopia
23 dead in weekend of ethnic violence in Ethiopia
Exiled Oromo leader returns to Ethiopia after decades
Ethiopia, Eritrea to hold peace summit in Jeddah
Ethiopia welcomes return of exiled opposition leader
Ethiopia reopens embassy in Eritrea
17 dead in Ethiopia military plane crash
Egypt urges Ethiopia to reach agreement on Nile dam
Ethiopia: PM blames contractor for delay in dam
Turkey's 34,000 sheep donation adds joy to Ethiopia Eid
Ethiopia launches 50 MW waste energy plant
Sudan, Ethiopia to deploy joint force along border
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