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23 Nov 2019 - 6 Dec 2021
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Dyadic Inter-State War Dataset
Dyadic Inter-State War Dataset
The dyadic war dataset is built and fully compatible with the dyadic MID dataset (Maoz et al. 2019). It provides dyadic records of interstate wars over the period of 1816-2010, with a dyad-year unit of analysis. The dataset contains several innovations and changes compared to the war or MID datasets. Specifically,
Please cite: Zeev Maoz, Paul L. Johnson, Jasper Kaplan, Fiona Ogunkoya, and Aaron Shreve 2019. The Dyadic Militarized Interstate Disputes (MIDs) Dataset Version 3.0: Logic, Characteristics, and Comparisons to Alternative Datasets, Journal of Conflict Resolution (forthcoming). 
Dyadic MID 4.01 Data Available
Feb 21, 2021
MID 5.0 Data and Materials Available
Nov 09, 2020
New version of Intra-State War data available
Apr 06, 2020
New version of MIDLOC data available
Jan 06, 2020
New host for Territorial Change Dataset, Steven Miller
Nov 13, 2019
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