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Steel and Aluminium monitoring
Steel and Aluminium monitoring
Until 15 May 2020, the European Commission managed at EU level the issuance of prior import authorisations for certain steel and aluminium products under the prior surveillance regime.
The prior surveillance regime has been replaced by a monitoring system, based on data collected by the Commission in the framework of Article 56(5) of the Union Customs Code, by which the release for free circulation or the export of goods may be made subject to surveillance.
While the prior surveillance regime allowed obtaining information on intentions to import, the new monitoring system is an ex-post system based on actual import data transmitted by the Member States customs authorities. These data are indicative and may be slightly different from the official import statistics made available by Eurostat two months after the actual import. The monitoring reports are updated on a monthly basis. The monitoring reports are updated on a monthly basis, and cover steel and aluminium products previously subject to prior surveillance as well as product lastly added to the original list of products subject to the US Section 232 measures.
As from the 1st July 2020, a specific report showing the development of imports for the product categories subject to the Steel safeguard measures is also available and updated on a monthly basis at the same time of the other reports.
Steel and aluminium monitoring reports
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Steel and Aluminium monitoring
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