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Senegalese plant circular gardens in Green Wall defence against desert
Boki Diawe
Reuters photographer Danish Siddiqui captured the people behind the story
Shah Porir Dwip
The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch made a transgender haven. Then the violent threats began
Volunteer undertakers bear the dead from Indonesian homes as COVID deaths rise
In China's new Xinjiang: patriotic tourism, police and propaganda
Witnessing COVID chaos in India’s hospitals, graveyards and crematoriums
Danish Siddiqui in New Delhi
The Great Green Wall: China's farmers push back the desert one tree at a time
Death in the Himalayas: Poverty, fear, stretched resources propel India’s COVID crisis
Getting up close with cicadas to find climate change clues
Generation Crisis: young Syrians come of age in a decade of conflict
From the streets of Tokyo, 22 residents weigh up the Olympic Games
Gaza girl survives Israeli strike that shattered her family and home
Gaza City
Japanese boxing nurse has Olympic dream crushed by COVID
On the edge of Moroccan desert, surfers give kids a taste of waves and freedom
27 hours: a life-and-death shift with a young doctor in COVID-hit India
New Delhi
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