Editor’s choice
Witnessing COVID chaos in India’s hospitals, graveyards and crematoriums
Danish Siddiqui in New Delhi
Editor’s choice
The pandemic, a deadly cancer and my 14-year-old daughter
Darrin Zammit Lupi in Tal-Qroqq
Editor’s choice
Quarantine millennials face bedtimes and old rules as they move home
Nora Savosnick in Oslo
Pistol-packing senators confront Haiti's angry opposition
Andres Martinez Casares in Port-Au-Prince
When raiders menace in northern Kenya, grab your guns
Goran Tomasevic in Ilemi Triangle
Editor’s choice
Tea, bingo and cockles - my journey to Brexit-on-Sea
Clodagh Kilcoyne in Flookburgh
Violence, gangs cast pall over life in Honduras
Edgard Garrido in San Pedro Sula
A Picture and its Story 2018: Part two
Leah Millis in Washington
A Picture and its Story 2018: Part one
Ueslei Marcelino in Hidalgo
Anger, sore eyes and a photograph on the streets of Brussels
Yves Herman in Brussels
Honduran migrant flees tear gas with her children
Kim Kyung-Hoon in Tijuana
Central American migrants trek north to seek a better life
Ueslei Marcelino in Hidalgo
In Greenland, a glacier’s collapse shows climate impact
Lucas Jackson in Tasiilaq
Attending my first haj
Zohra Bensemra in Mecca
Editor’s choice
Spanish rescue boat finds life and death off Libya coast
Juan Medina in Mediterranean Sea
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