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Donate to GNU Mailman and the FSF
With the help of the Free Software Foundation's Peter Brown, as well as Jeff Marshall and Jeff Breidenbach of the, we have established a directed donation fund for the GNU Mailman project.
Donate now to GNU Mailman
Most of your donation goes directly to the GNU Mailman project. Your donation will be used to obtain equipment, services, development resources and other support for the GNU Mailman project. Perhaps most importantly, in the past your donations have helped to cover travel expenses in order to bring our Google Summer of Code students to Pycon to sprint with the core developers. All expenditures will be approved by a committee chosen from core GNU Mailman maintainers, and will be fully disclosed on the main GNU Mailman website. The current Mailman Steering Committee members include Barry Warsaw, Mark Sapiro and Terri Oda.
A portion of your donation will go to the Free Software Foundation, so you can help two really great organizations with one donation.
We are very thankful to our generous donors for their contributions.
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