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Whether you're technical or not at all, there's a contribution opportunity for you. It's easy to get started, and your efforts help to make Firefox better!
We are committed to providing a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all. Our participation guidelines set the standards for behavior in this community and all official Mozilla forums.
Whether you are a regular contributor or a newcomer, we welcome you. If you feel you have been or are being harassed or made uncomfortable by a community member, please contact Caitlin Neiman, Add-ons Community Manager, or the Mozilla Diversity & Inclusion team, immediately.
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1Contribute to the Add-ons Ecosystem
1.1Create an Add-on
1.1.1Add-ons for Firefox Desktop
1.1.2Add-ons for Firefox for Android
1.1.3Port Add-ons to Firefox
1.2Improve add-ons in Firefox
1.2.1Contribute to the Add-on Manager in Firefox
1.2.2Contribute to the WebExtensions API First Bugs WebExtensions APIs
1.3Improve (AMO)
1.3.1Contribute code to AMO server
1.3.2Contribute code to AMO front-end
1.3.3Become an Add-on Reviewer
1.3.4Become an Add-on Content Reviewer
1.3.5Rate your favorite add-ons
1.3.6Create a collection
1.3.7Create a theme
1.3.8Join the Recommended Extensions Community Board
1.3.9Curate Featured Themes collection
1.3.10Test add-ons
1.4Contribute to add-on developer tools
1.5Help add-on users
1.6Help add-on developers
2Contributor Recognition
2.1Report Your Contributions
2.2Friends of Add-ons
3Connect With the Community
Contribute to the Add-ons Ecosystem
Create an Add-on
Add-ons for Firefox Desktop
To get started, check out this comprehensive tutorial. It contains documentation, tools and information on how to get in touch with other developers. Need suggestions on what to build? Here is a list of add-ons people have asked for.
Add-ons for Firefox for Android
Firefox for Android supports add-ons using the same extension system used by all other Gecko-based applications. Get started here.
Port Add-ons to Firefox
It's easy to port Chrome extensions to Firefox. Read this quick guide and happy porting!
Improve add-ons in Firefox
Contribute to the Add-on Manager in Firefox
The add-on manager is an integral part of the end-user's experience with
  1. Familiarize yourself with the on-boarding materials: Onboard to Firefox codebase
  2. Pick a "Good First Bug" to work on
Contribute to the WebExtensions API
Good First Bugs
If you'd like to contribute to the WebExtensions API and are new to the Firefox code base, we recommend getting started with a good-first-bug.
Visit our WebExtensions Contribution Onramp to onboard to the code base and get started with a good-first bug.
You may also want to read this blog post for tips on how to contribute to the WebExtensions API.
Develop WebExtensions APIs
If you're experienced with Mozilla infrastructure and would like to develop WebExtensions APIs directly for Firefox, here is a list of approved APIs that you can start contributing to.
If you want to tinker with WebExtensions APIs without having to build Firefox, WebExtensions Experiments is for you!
If you simply want to request a WebExtensions API, please read this information before filing a bug.
Improve (AMO), commonly known as "AMO" is Mozilla's official site for developers to list add-ons, and for users to discover them.
Contribute code to AMO server
If you're new to Mozilla, and you know Python, get onboarded here and work on a "Good First Bug"!
Contribute code to AMO front-end
If you're interested in JavaScript and front-end technologies such as React and Redux, take a look at "Good First Bugs" in the front-end repository​.
Become an Add-on Reviewer
Volunteer reviewers ensure the security and reliability of add-ons on AMO by testing submissions. Learn how you can join this community​.
Become an Add-on Content Reviewer
Add-on content reviewers work in partnership with add-on reviewers to ensure that extensions on AMO are not spam and adhere to Mozilla's Acceptable Use Policy. No prior technical experience is needed to become a content reviewer. Learn how you can join this community​.
Rate your favorite add-ons
Search for your favorite add-on at​. On the add-on's detail page, scroll down to the Reviews section and leave a comment for the developer.
Create a collection
Collections make it easy to keep track of favorite add-ons and share your perfectly customized browser with others. Get started here.
Create a theme
Lightweight themes let you personalize the look of your Firefox. To create your own, start here.
Join the Recommended Extensions Community Board
The Recommended Extensions Community Board is comprised of a small group of community members who help with the ongoing evaluation of of new and current Recommended Extensions and other special projects. Every board serves for six months, then a new group of community curators take over. Check the Add-ons Blog to learn when the next application period opens and for application instructions.
Curate Featured Themes collection
Help us curate Mozilla's Featured Themes collection to help users find high-quality themes. Learn more and apply to be a curator.
Test add-ons
Do you know Python? Help write automated tests for AMO!
Contribute to add-on developer tools
Web-Ext is a tool for developing WebExtensions. Check out the contributing guide to get started.
The add-ons linter checks for errors and validates extensions submitted to Check out the contributing guide to get started.
Webextensions-polyfill is a library designed to help developers create extensions that are compatible across multiple browsers. See the contributing guide for how to get started.
Help add-on users
Answer questions from add-on users in the Firefox Support Forum!
Help add-on developers
If you're already familiar with add-on development or you think you're a good technical writer, help us improve the WebExtensions API reference documentation on MDN or the Firefox-specific documentation for add-on developers on Extension Workshop​. The list of open issues for Extension Workshop can be found on in the extension-workshop repository on Github.
You can also help by translating docs on MDN to a different language (pro tip: try replacing the en-US part of the link above to your native language code).
Contributor Recognition
Report Your Contributions
We want to make sure you're recognized for your contributions!
  1. Create a Mozillians profile if you haven't already.
  2. Add your name and accomplishments on the Recognition wiki page (please be specific--these will be archived by month, so list your recent contributions).
We regularly choose an outstanding contributor (Friend of Add-ons) and send that person a token of appreciation. Any contribution is eligible--it doesn't have to be an opportunity listed on this page!
Friends of Add-ons
Big thanks to these outstanding volunteer contributors​!
Connect With the Community
Check out our Community wiki to learn more about our community forums, mailing lists, blog, and other ways to get in touch.
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