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We conduct our own research and partner with researchers worldwide to address change in society and technology.
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Fundação Wikimedia começa campanhas de financiamento na Índia, América Latina e África do Sul
This post is also available in English.Puede encontrar la versión de este artículo en español aquí. Este mês, a Fundação Wikimedia — a organização sem fins lucrativos que torna o conhecimento livre e acessível a todas as pessoas ao redor do mundo — começa uma série de campanhas de financiamento na Wikipédia na Índia, América….
17 May 2022
By Pats Pena
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Wikimedia Foundation kicks off fundraising campaigns in India, Latin America, and South Africa
Advancement Foundation
Puede encontrar la versión de este artículo en español aquí.Você pode ler a versão em português deste artigo aqui. This month, the Wikimedia Foundation — the global nonprofit that makes knowledge free and accessible to everyone around the world — kicks off a series of fundraising campaigns on Wikipedia in India, Latin America, and South….
17 May 2022
By Pats Pena
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Wikimedians are heroes of free knowledge.
Emily Temple-Wood
Editor since 2007, Wikimedia community
Felix Nartey
Editor since 2012, Wikimedia community
Arminé Aghayan
Editor since 2013, Wikimedia community
Throughout history, knowledge has been controlled by a powerful few. Wikipedia needs knowledge from all languages and cultures. The internet has become the default for accessing information—women, people of color, and the global south remain underrepresented. We invite you to help correct history.
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Emily Temple-Wood at Wikimania 2014
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Ruby Mizrahi
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Victor Grigas
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Set Knowledge Free mural illustration
Tomi Um / Wikimedia Foundation
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Wikimedia Conference 2017
Jason Krüger/Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.
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Victor Grigas
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SOPA protest in Midtown NYC
Zachary McCune
CC BY-SA 4.0
Art+Feminism Wikipedia edit-a-thon
Jens Mohr
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