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* If you need help from SRE and it is an emergency, you can page us via https://klaxon.wikimedia.org.
* If it is not an emergency, but do not know which team is responsible for your question, just open a generic task on Phabricator in the [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/task/edit/form/1/?projects=sre SRE project] and our [[SRE/SRE Clinic Duty|Clinic Duty]] personengineer of the week will route it. If it more urgent or just a quick check you can find us on IRC: {{Irc|wikimedia-sre|}}.
'''Site Reliability Engineering''' (SRE) is responsible for availability, performance, monitoring, emergency response, infrastructure security, and capacity planning, plus the maintenance of software used for that purpose. This is similar to what in many other organizations is handled by an Operations or System Administration team. SRE treats computer operations as a software problem and applies automation wherever possible. The Foundation has a number of sub-teams within SRE, each responsible for different areas. Check [[SRE/SRE Team requests|SRE Team Requests]] to see how to get in touch with those teams, and see [[mw:Wikimedia Site Reliability Engineering]] for a more detailed team structure.
Wolfgang Kandek
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