SRE/SRE Team requests
Here's what you can do if you need help from the Wikimedia Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team or one of its sub teams: Datacenter Operations​, Data Persistence​, Infrastructure Foundations​, Observability​, Service Operations and Traffic. SRE used to be called Ops or TechOps before and that naming convention is still used in a number of places, for example in the IRC channel names.
1Urgent issues
2.1Access requests
2.2Domain requests
2.3Hardware requests
2.4Virtual machine requests (Production)
2.5Kubernetes Service Requests (Production)
2.6Other Purchases: SSL Certificates, Support Contracts
2.7Mail aliases
2.8Mailing lists
2.8.1Creation requests
2.9Patch review
2.10Network configuration
2.11Schema changes
4SRE mailing list
Urgent issues
Urgent issues are generally imminent risks to site security, like compromised SSH keys.
The preferred way to contact SRE in such an emergency is to use our Klaxon app. Klaxon also shows you open alerts to see if somebody else already alerted SRE.
If you are unable to access or use Klaxon, you may choose one of the below alternatives. In that case, make sure to keep at it until you get confirmation that a member of the SRE team has received the message.
The majority of operations requests should be filed within the Wikimedia Phabricator installation using the #SRE project tag.
If you further refine your request using the below instructions, it will usually result in faster triage.
Access requests
Domain requests
Hardware requests
Virtual machine requests (Production)
TL;DR. Click VM Requests and fill in the form. But please do read the following.
Kubernetes Service Requests (Production)
To implement a new service on or migrate an existing service to our production Kubernetes open a Phabricator task with the Service Operations team. In Phabricator title the task "New Service Request ABC" (where ABC is the service name) and tag it for team "serviceops". Examples can be found here New Task Example and any of the recent activity items can be helpful to get an idea of what information we are looking for.
Other Purchases: SSL Certificates, Support Contracts
All other requests for SRE purchasing of support contracts, ssl certificates, and other related items should be placed in the Procurement project
Mail aliases
Please note that mail aliases are not handled by SRE anymore. Mail aliases under the domain are handled by the OIT team. Please send a mail to to request one. Please note that if you are not staff, and require a mail alias, you should request it via your working group/team leads/technical mentor/staff.
Mailing lists
Wikimedia Mailing Lists
Creation requests
General list administration is handled by an individual lists administrators; administrators can be viewed on the lists information page.
Patch review
Network configuration
Schema changes
SRE mailing list
SRE team members are subscribed to​.
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