These docs are for maintainers of the various dumps. Information for users of the dumps can be found on metawiki. Information for developers can be found on mediawiki.org.
Wikimedia infrastructure
Data centres and PoPs
See Help:Toolforge/Dumps for information on using Dumps data from Toolforge.
Daily checks
Dumps maintainers should watch or check a few things every day:
Dumps types
We produce several types of dumps. For information about deployment of updates, architecture of the dumps, and troubleshooting each dump type, check the appropriate entry below.
Other datasets are also provided for download, such as page view counts; these datasets are managed by other folks and are not documented here.
Adding new dumps
If you are interested in adding a new dumpset, please check the guidelines (still in draft form).
If you are working with wikibase dumps of some sort, you might want to look at a code walkthrough; see Dumps/Wikibase dumps overview.
Testing changes to the dumps or new scripts
See Dumps/Testing for more about this.
If you are adding a mirror, see Dumps Mirror setup .
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