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== Overview of Wikimedia Mail ==
This section isprovides thea high -level overview of how mail at wikimediaWikimedia is treated. More detail on each of these sections exist in the rest of this page.
=== Product mail ===
Mail that is produced by mediawikiMediaWiki. Please fill in this section.
=== Lists ===
All mail to @​[[​lists.wikimedia.org​]] is handled by mailmanMailman running on http://lists.wikimedia.org/. There are publicPublic archived lists there, private archived lists, and private unarchived lists are located there. There's some sort of synchronization to gmane.org.
=== Foundation mail ===
Mail for employees etc. All mail to @wikimedia.org domains areis delivered to [[​mchenry|​mchenry.wikimedia.org]] (the MX record for wikimedia.org). From there, a few things happen:
* The recipient is checked against aliases in <code>​/etc/exim4/aliases/wikimedia.org​</code>​. These are mostly ops-related (ege.g., noc@) or older aliases. New aliases for ops should go here; new aliases for the rest of the organization should be created in Google.
* The recipient is checked against LDAP. LDAP contains a few different address types:
** most employees' mail is forwarded to user accounts at google
** newermost aliasesemployees' aremail is forwarded to googleuser accounts at groupsGoogle;
** newer aliases are forwarded to Google Groups;
** some legacy mailing lists are forwaded to @lists.wikimedia.org;
** some employees are identified as IMAP accounts and their mail is forwarded to sanger
** There'ssome aemployees sqliteare dbidentifiedthatas containsIMAP filtersaccounts and addressestheir tomail is forwardforwarded to [[sanger]].
** use 'wmfmailadmin​There​'​s ona sanger​SQLite​to​database modifythat thesecontains filters and suchaddresses (it'sto rsynced backforward to [[mchenrysanger]]).
** Use <code>wmfmailadmin</code> on sanger to modify these filters and such – it's rsynced back to [[mchenry]].
* Mail for Request Tracker is forwarded to [[streber]].
== HowTo ==
=== Client setup for end-users ===
You can use any mail client supporting the [[w:IMAP|IMAP]] protocol in it'sits secure form ([[w:IMAPS|IMAPS]])., for example f.e.[[w:Mozilla Thunderbird|Thunderbird]].
You can use any mail client supporting the [[w:IMAP|IMAP]] protocol in it's secure form ([[w:IMAPS|IMAPS]]). f.e.[[w:Mozilla Thunderbird|Thunderbird]].
Select IMAP(S), enable SSL, and use port 993.
Enter "​<code>​mail.wikimedia.org​"​</code> as your server. Your user name should be formatted as: ?
=== Modify aliases ===
Right now [[mchenry]] is the mail relay which also does all ops-related aliasing and some older aliases for the rest of the foundation. All domains use separate aliases files. Each domain has its own alias file in <tt>/etc/exim4/aliases/</tt>.
New ops-oriented aliases (ege.g., noc@, etc.) should be created in mchenry's alias file. New requests for general foundation-related aliases should be redirected to OIT and be created as a googleGoogle groupGroup.
To add/modify/remove an alias, simply edit the corresponding text file on mchenry, e.g., <tt>/etc/exim4/aliases/wikimedia.org</tt>. No additional steps are necessary.
To use the same aliases for multiple domains you ''can'' use symbolic links, however be careful because unqualified targets (i.e., mail addresses without a domain, like ''noc'') that are ''not'' listed in the same alias file (for example, OTRS queues) may not work as they do not exist in the symbolically linked domain. Use fully qualified addresses in that case.
=== IMAP account management ===
domainlist legacy_mailman_domains = wikimedia.org : wikipedia.org : mail.wikimedia.org : mail.wikipedia.org
The following router, near the end of the routers section, checks if a given local part exists in the file <tt>/etc/exim4/legacy_mailing_lists</tt>, and rewrites it to the new address if it does, to be routed via the normal DNS MX/SMTP routers/transports. Since Mailman does not distinguish between domains, only a single local parts file for all legacy mailmanMailman domains exists. This file only needs to contain the mailing list names; all suffixes are handled by the router.
# Alias old mailing list addresses to @lists.wikimedia.org on lily
Matěj Grabovský
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