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Uses Lua:
Module:Clickable button 2
This template generates a clickable button that is styled using the mediawiki.ui.button module. It can be used in the following ways,
  • Code: {{Clickable button 2|Main Page}}
    Result: Main Page
  • Code: {{Clickable button 2|Main Page|Cover page}}
    Result: Cover page
  • Code: {{Clickable button 2|Main Page|url=http://en.wikipedia.org}}
    Result: Main Page
  • Code: {{Clickable button 2|Main Page|class=mw-ui-destructive}}
    Result: Main Page
  • Code: {{Clickable button 2|Main Page|class=mw-ui-progressive}}
    Result: Main Page
Note: After the changes outlined in Phabricator task task T110555 were implemented, {{Clickable button 2|Main Page|class=mw-ui-constructive}} produces the same output as {{Clickable button 2|Main Page|class=mw-ui-progressive}}​.
See also
commons:Template:Clickable button, corresponding clickable button at Commons.

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