Volunteer NDA
Privileged Phabricator access
Some tasks in Phabricator (mainly those in the WMF-NDA project) require access to private or protected data.
For this reason, anyone being granted these types of permissions needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the Wikimedia Foundation. All Wikimedia Foundation employees are covered by an NDA they sign when hired. The rest of our contributors must sign a specific Trusted Volunteer Access & Confidentiality Agreement. Please note that volunteers requesting server access must follow the Requesting shell access NDA process instead.
Interested? Follow this process:
Create a request
Create a task in Phabricator under the WMF-NDA-Requests project with the following data:
Any progress will be communicated in this task.
Get support
In order to move forward we will need:
At least one comment of support from a Wikimedia Foundation employee, explaining why it is a good idea to accept your request
A comment of approval from one Wikimedia Foundation manager (usually the manager of an employee supporting you).
(Have someone with access double-check which mediawiki.org account that the manager's Phabricator account is linked to, where the SUL account was created, and how it was created on that wiki.)
After that, ask in the Phabricator task to make you a member of the "WMF-NDA-Requests" project. This will allow you to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement online.
Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement online. Please sign "My Full Name - Country Of Origin". Add a comment to the Phabricator task that you have signed the NDA.
Note in order to sign this agreement, you must be at least 18 years old. In rare circumstances, WMF, in consultation with the legal team, may grant an exception for someone who is at least 16 years old.
(Have someone with access double-check the list of NDA signatures and confirm your signature in the Phabricator task.)
Note: this access is limited only to WMF's Legal, Phabricator administration, and Technical Operations teams.
Get sign off by a C-level staff of the Wikimedia Foundation. WMF employees will arrange this as a last sign-off (e.g. with the WMF CTO) when all other criteria have been met.
(Have someone with access add you to the list of members of the Phabricator WMF-NDA project.)
Welcome to the NDA club!
After checking that your acceptance of the online agreement is in place, you will be added to the WMF-NDA project and you will be granted the permissions requested. The task you created will be closed as Resolved.
Special note: Employees do need to sign the Trusted Volunteer Access & Confidentiality Agreement (colloquially referred to as an "L2") when they leave WMF. This must be signed for their access to confidential data to remain.
Privileged LDAP or shell access
Volunteers who are seeking access to a service requiring privileged LDAP access (listed here: LDAP/Groups) or who wish to obtain shell access to the production cluster need to sign a NDA with the Wikimedia Legal department. It's managed digitally via software called Cobblestone.
Interested? Follow this process:
Create a request
Create an "​SRE-Access-Requests​" task in Phabricator with the following information:
Any progress will be communicated in this task.
Get support
In order to move forward we will need:
Get access
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