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'Team YeY's' Santino shines as Young Simba in 'The Lion King' musical abroad
July 30, 2021 AT 04:25 PM
Kids continue to enjoy Santino, Marcus, and Omar's talent as they can be seen on YeY's award-winning kids-oriented show "Team YeY"
Following the footsteps of other members
One of "Team YeY's" members, Santino Juan Santiago, recently took the spotlight in the international theatre scene as he became one of the cast members in the recently-concluded run of the theatrical adaptation of Disney's animated hit "The Lion King" as Young Simba.   
Santino was one of the two young Filipino talents featured in the ensemble of "The Lion King" as it performed for the first time in New Zealand at the Spark Arena in Auckland until July 18.   
Aside from his portrayal as the younger version of Simba in "The Lion King," he was also known in the local theatre scene in productions such as "Rizal Behind Bars" and "Noli Me Tangere the Opera," and was recently nominated as Best Child Performer during the 2019 Aliw Awards. 
Apart from Santino, more "Team YeY" kids previously showcased their acting talents on the theatre stage for "The Lion King," including Marcus Cabais and Omar Uddin, also starring as Young Simba.  
Omar portrayed the role of Young Simba during its Manila run in 2018, while Marcus joined the tour in the Singapore run on the same year.
Kids continue to enjoy Santino, Marcus, and Omar's talent as they can be seen on YeY's award-winning kids-oriented show "Team YeY," with all of the show's episodes from seasons 1 to 5 now streaming on its official YouTube channel at youtube.com/yeychannel​.   
For more exciting content, promos and updates on its shows, parents and children can follow YeY on Facebook (fb.com/yeychannel), Instagram (@yeychannel), TikTok (@yey.channel), and YouTube accounts. Kids can also catch YeY shows on ABS-CBN Entertainment's Just Love Kids website at ent.abs-cbn.com/justlovekids​.   
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