Commerce, morality, equality, the rule of law, and the role of government… Welcome to the world of Adam Smith.
What can we learn about our own world from Smith? Join the workers in an 18th century pin factory to find out more…
Interactive Pin Factory
Speaking of Smith
Insights from Adam Smith on the Erosion of Sympathy in Medicine
Richard Gunderman for AdamSmithWorksJune 23, 2021
An Animal That Trades
A five-part short video series on the life and contemporary relevance of Adam Smith.
Competition as a Discovery Procedure: Smith, Hayek and Leoni
Garret Edwards for AdamSmithWorksMay 19, 2021
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Virtual Reading Groups
AdamSmithWorks is pleased to offer Virtual Reading Groups designed to gather individuals interested in serious and civil discussion.
Essays on Philosophical Subjects
Reflecting Adam Smith’s wide learning and varied interests, these essays shed considerable light on his place in the Scottish Enlightenment. Included are histories of astronomy, ancient logic, and ancient physics; essays on the “imitative” arts and the affinity between music, dancing, and poetry; and a critical review of Samuel Johnson’s famous Dictionary, which Smith originally published in the Edinburgh Review (1755–1756).
Smith, Hume, Liberalism, and Esotericism
Papers for a special issue of Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.This collection includes fourteen papers (eleven focused on Smith, three on Hume) proposed for this special issue.Feedback on the papers was provided at a conference (November 2018) on early drafts by, among others, Dennis Rasmussen, Brandon Turner, Nelson Lund, Richard Boyd, Peter McNamara, Jerry Weinberger, and Arthur Melzer.Feedback welcome: Esoteric interpretation is an affair inherently uncertain and hazardous. Feedback will be much appreciated. Email addresses for each author are provided.
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