How water has become a flashpoint in the Middle East
Week in Review | Egypt | يوليو 23, 2021‎
Pegasus intel project brings Israel more trouble
Ben Caspit | Israel | يوليو 23, 2021‎
Afghan refugee influx stokes tensions in Turkey 
Metin Gurcan | Turkey | يوليو 23, 2021‎
Intel: US to announce agreement to pull 'combat troops' from Iraq
Jared Szuba | Iraq | يوليو 23, 2021‎
Turkish-backed rebels leave trail of abuse and criminality in Syria’s Afrin
Dan Wilkofsky, Amberin Zaman, Mohammed Hardan | Syria | يوليو 22, 2021‎
Israeli Left, Arab Joint List welcome Ben & Jerry's decision to end sales in West Bank
Afif Abu Much | Israel | يوليو 23, 2021‎
Ali Hashem on what to expect from Ebrahim Raisi and the rise of the Hezbollahis in Iran
On the Middle East with Andrew Parasiliti and Amberin Zaman | يوليو 19, 2021‎
00:00 / 37:31
Major General Noam Tibon: IDF needs more boots on the ground 
On Israel with Ben Caspit | يوليو 19, 2021‎
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Egypt discovers warship wreck from Greek Ptolemaic era
The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced the discovery of the wreck of a warship from the Ptolemaic period as well as the remains of a Greek funerary area dating back to the beginning of the fourth century BC.
Ahmed Gomaa | Egypt | يوليو 25, 2021‎
Turkey accused of cynical motives for restoring churches in north Syria
Mohammed Hardan | Syria | يوليو 25, 2021‎
Actress' decision to quit stage draws fierce backlash from liberals
Shahira Amin | Egypt | يوليو 24, 2021‎
UN: public water in Lebanon could stop pumping in matter of 'weeks'
Al-Monitor Staff | Lebanon | يوليو 24, 2021‎
Iraq still needs US help to defeat Islamic State, foreign minister says
Al-Monitor Staff | Iraq | يوليو 24, 2021‎
Syria blames Israel for destruction of evidence in Douma chemical attack
Al-Monitor Staff | Syria | يوليو 23, 2021‎
Egypt weighs next steps after Ethiopia completes second filling of Nile Dam
Baher al-Kady | Egypt | يوليو 23, 2021‎
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Khamenei calls largely Arab province of Iran 'loyal' amid protests
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | يوليو 23, 2021‎
Dubai princess' number on Pegasus spyware list
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | يوليو 22, 2021‎
Fire at Nasiriyah coronavirus hospital kills more than 90
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | يوليو 21, 2021‎
Turkish vice president slams EU for allowing hijab bans
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | يوليو 20, 2021‎
Suspected Israeli airstrikes hit near Aleppo
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | يوليو 20, 2021‎
Rocket fire from Lebanon hits Israel, prompting response
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | يوليو 20, 2021‎
Morocco sentences journalist Omar Radi in trial slammed by rights groups
Al-Monitor Staff | Morocco | يوليو 19, 2021‎
Intel: Ethiopia says second filling of Nile dam complete
Al-Monitor Staff | Egypt | يوليو 19, 2021‎
Ben & Jerry's to stop selling ice cream in Palestinian territories
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | يوليو 19, 2021‎
Saudi Arabia to require two vaccine jabs for international travel
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | يوليو 19, 2021‎
Biden administration transfers first Guantanamo detainee to Morocco
Al-Monitor Staff | U.S. | يوليو 19, 2021‎
Syrian man in Netherlands convicted of war crimes for soldier's execution
Al-Monitor Staff | Syria | يوليو 16, 2021‎
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Egypt plans another Pharaonic parade, this time in Luxor
Salwa Samir | Culture | يوليو 18, 2021‎
Ancient fossilized fish found in Egypt that survived in hot waters
Alaa Omran | Culture | يونيو 16, 2021‎
Egyptian Museum of Antiquities gets makeover to compete for tourists
Shahira Amin | Culture | يونيو 13, 2021‎
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Fire at Nasiriyah coronavirus hospital
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