A correspondent in Egypt
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Egypt trains Sudanese police to counter Brotherhood plans
Cairo is training a number of Sudanese police officers on measures against the Muslim Brotherhood as Sudan accuses Brotherhood members of being behind the demonstrations and riots that have erupted in the country.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Sep 14, 2021
Egypt boots public servants from railways over Brotherhood links
Egyptian authorities blame Muslim Brotherhood-linked staff for a series of deadly rail accidents and have moved scores of them from operational roles.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Sep 2, 2021
Egyptian victims of sexual extortion find help online
The Qawem platform receives more than 300 assistance requests a day from women and girls who have been subjected to sexual extortion.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Aug 31, 2021
Egyptian press criticizes Al Jazeera's coverage of demonstrations in Doha
While there was no official comment from the Egyptian government on the demonstrations against a controversial electoral law in Qatar, Egyptian media outlets have criticized Al Jazeera for not covering the protests.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Aug 19, 2021
Demands for tougher penalties against child marriage grow in Egypt
As child marriage spreads in Egypt, many observers and parliamentarians call for tougher penalties for anyone involved, while some believe that toughening penalties will not be a solution because there are many ways to circumvent laws.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Aug 17, 2021
Egyptian universities list suspected Muslim Brotherhood affiliates
Egypt’s parliament approved a new draft law to allow the nondisciplinary dismissal, or dismissal without judicial procedures, of public servants who are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Aug 2, 2021
Green area in Egyptian capital threatened with state road project
A project to build a new axis aimed at easing traffic congestion in the Egyptian capital will divide the Maadi area in Cairo and result in several citizens’ evacuation from their shops and homes.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Jul 31, 2021
Egypt to press for arrest of Sisi outspoken critic Mohamed Ali
Egypt will ask Interpol to issue an arrest warrant for Mohamed Ali, a construction contractor and an outspoken critic of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as it steps up its crackdown on opposition abroad.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Jul 29, 2021
Egyptian song appears in Marvel film
A song by the Egyptian band Gawy is featured in "Black Widow," which stars Scarlett Johansson.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Jul 28, 2021
Egypt to document cinematic heritage
The Egyptian Ministry of Culture’s National Center for Cinema has launched a project to digitize information about major players in the Egyptian film industry over the decades.
A correspondent in Egypt | Egypt | Jul 22, 2021
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