Al-Monitor Staff
Al-Monitor Staff
Iran, IAEA spar over access to Karaj nuclear site
The International Atomic Energy Agency claims that Iran has limited its access to the Karaj nuclear facility, where surveillance cameras have been damaged.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 27, 2021
Iran admits ‘witness to torture’ died in custody
The prisoner had defied pressure from intelligence authorities to withdraw his shocking statements after he blew the whistle on “medieval-style torture” of executed political prisoner Navid Afkari.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 23, 2021
Iran’s president slams US in first UN speech
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi used the occasion of his first UN General Assembly speech to heavily criticize the United States.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 22, 2021
Iran to lift visa restrictions to revive pandemic-hit tourism sector
Iran’s new tourism chief said the government will soon scrap visa restrictions, a plan that the struggling tourism sector has been desperately waiting for to get back on its feet amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 22, 2021
Iran says SCO membership to end isolation
Iran is hoping to expand its economic ties after it enters the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 20, 2021
Iran's Raisi to meet Putin as states mull Taliban recognition
In his first foreign visit as Iran's president, Ebrahim Raisi will sit down with Russian and Pakistani leaders amid new regional dynamics triggered by the US departure from Afghanistan.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 16, 2021
Iranian nuclear negotiator replaced by hard-line protege
The appointment of the hard-line figure Ali Bagheri Kani at the Foreign Ministry has raised questions about ongoing negotiations over the 2015 nuclear deal. 
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 15, 2021
Iran’s intelligence accused of killing Kurdish political activist
Yasser Mangouri’s family was informed of his death more than 50 days into his summoning in the northwestern city of Piranshahr.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 15, 2021
Iraq’s Kadhimi meets with Iranian president
In meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi acknowledged "deep relations" between the two countries.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 13, 2021
Afghan crisis exposes rifts across Iran's political spectrum
At the two ends of Iran's political spectrum angry voices are being heard in a fierce battle over the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, and especially the question of support for resistance forces in Panjshir Valley.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 10, 2021
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Hagar Hosny | Egypt | Oct 6, 2021
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Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | Oct 8, 2021
Israel still fears US approach to Iran
Ben Caspit | Israel | Oct 8, 2021
Intel: US lifts Iran-related sanctions, says no connection to nuclear deal   
Elizabeth Hagedorn | Iran | Oct 8, 2021
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Mai Abu Hasaneen | Palestine | Oct 10, 2021
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