Ben Caspit
Ben Caspit is a columnist for Al-Monitor's Israel Pulse. He is also a senior columnist and political analyst for Israeli newspapers and has a daily radio show and regular TV shows on politics and Israel. On Twitter: @BenCaspit
Israel weighs risks, options for dealing with Hezbollah’s precise missiles
Hezbollah is expanding its missile capability — what are Israel's options?
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 30, 2021
Israel concerned over possible new Russian policy on Syria
Israel is perplexed over the recent statement by Russian Rear Adm. Vadim Kulit concerning the interception in Syria of alleged Israeli missiles.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 27, 2021
Pegasus intel project brings Israel more trouble
With the NSO affair continuing to develop, Israel — the world champion of cyber technologies — might get into significant diplomatic trouble precisely because of that.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 23, 2021
New Israeli government on mission to rehabilitate ties with Jordan
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid are working to rehabilitate the bilateral ties with Jordan after the setbacks to the relationship under former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 20, 2021
Ahead of Bennett’s Washington visit, Israel prepares 'Raisi file'
Ahead of the trip of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to the United States, Israel’s security agencies are preparing a personal, revealing file on Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 16, 2021
Has Israel’s army become too small?
Outgoing IDF deputy chief of staff Eyal Zamir warned this week that Israel's army would struggle to manage the multiple threats facing the country.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 13, 2021
Israel’s Bennett rethinks Iran policy
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is reviewing Israel’s policy on Iran in order to find the best strategy adapted to the developing situation in the region and worldwide.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 9, 2021
Netanyahu-Olmert mudslinging splashes Israeli headlines
The family of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suing former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for saying they are mentally ill, but Olmert is standing behind his claims.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 6, 2021
In Biden meeting, Rivlin clears way for Bennett visit to White House
In his warm meeting with President Joe Biden, President Reuven Rivlin prepared the ground for an upcoming first visit in Washington by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 2, 2021
Netanyahu plots comeback
Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not giving up on his hopes to topple newly appointed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jun 29, 2021
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