Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse)
Brenda Stoter is a Dutch journalist who writes about the Middle East, with special attention to Syrian women and Western jihad brides. Her articles have been published by Al Jazeera as well as featured in Dutch and Belgium national newspapers and magazines, including Algemeen Dagblad, De Tijd, Het Parool and De Groene Amsterdammer. On Twitter: @BrendaStoter
As IS loses power, will group tap women jihadis to fight?
As the Islamic State suffers successive defeats in Iraq’s Mosul and Raqqa in Syria, it's increasingly likely that the women of the organization will shift from their traditional supportive roles to become suicide bombers or fighters on the front lines.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Iraq | Nov 16, 2016
Syrian mother becomes Marvel’s latest superhero
After following the story of one Syrian woman and her five children in Madaya, ABC News teamed up with Marvel Comics to share her story in a free digital comic.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Syria | Oct 20, 2016
How this 14-year-old Syrian refugee is fighting to end child marriage
Following in the footsteps of her role model Malala Yousafzai, Omaima Hoshan, a 14-year-old living in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp, is raising awareness about the physical and psychological risks child marriage poses to young girls.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Jordan | Sep 22, 2016
Thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan finally back in school
Child refugees from Syria are excited to go to school after the Jordanian government rolled out new measures to ease access to education for young refugees.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Jordan | Sep 11, 2016
How this young Yazidi is bringing hope to IS victims
Pari Ibrahim, a young Yazidi women living in the Netherlands, established the Free Yezidi Foundation to highlight the stories of victims of this Iraqi community at the hands of the Islamic State.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Iraq | Jul 4, 2016
How Syrian women are gaining new confidence in Turkish refugee camp
Syrian women who take part in craft workshops in Islahiye refugee camp learn new skills, earn some extra money and above all find a place of support.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Syria | May 2, 2016
The making of an Islamic State terrorist
The father of an Islamic State jihadi told Al-Monitor about his son's journey from being a teenager trying to escape a small criminal gang in the Netherlands to joining the terror organization in Syria.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Syria | Mar 30, 2016
Why Paris attacks will create backlash for migrants in Europe
The recent attack in Paris by the Islamic State, and claims that one of the attackers held a Syrian passport, reignited the issue of the return of Western jihadi fighters to their countries in Europe.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Syria | Nov 17, 2015
After mass rape by the Islamic State, Yazidi women still struggle to break the silence
Some of the Yazidi women sold and enslaved by Islamic State militants told Al-Monitor about their horrific experiences, including repeated rapes, but others claimed they were only forced to cook and clean for fear of being stigmatized by their conservative community.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Iraq | Sep 9, 2015
Kurdish fighters struggle to pay bills
Peshmerga fighters are committed to fighting the Islamic State, even though their salaries are not enough to make ends meet.
Brenda Stoter (Syria Pulse) | Iraq | Aug 24, 2015
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