Hana Salah
Hana Salah is a Palestinian journalist who focuses on financial, business, agricultural and development issues. She has a master's degree in economic development from the Islamic University of Gaza. She has written for Palestinian newspapers, the LA Times, Al Jazeera, Turkey's Anadolu News Agency and developmental organizations. On Twitter: @HanaSalahGaza
Gazans rebuild with rubble as reconstruction delayed
The Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Gaza is contracting with local companies to crush rubble and turn it into construction material.
Hana Salah | Palestine | Jul 1, 2021
Hamas threatens to reescalate with Israel, refuses to link prisoners swap deal to Gaza reconstruction
Hamas’ meeting with the UN envoy in Gaza ended on a sour note, portending further escalation with Israel.
Hana Salah | Palestine | Jun 25, 2021
Gaza reconstruction delayed by lack of clarity on process
Egypt and Qatar promised to provide about $1 billion for the reconstruction of Gaza, but there is still no clear agreement on the reconstruction mechanism, how the reconstruction funds will enter and who will lead the process.
Hana Salah | Palestine | Jun 22, 2021
Palestinians trapped in Gaza as Israel suspends postal services
Passport paperwork is piling up in post offices, as Israel has prevented mail from entering or leaving the Gaza Strip since May 11, thus preventing many students, patients and those with foreign residencies from traveling.
Hana Salah | Palestine | Jun 18, 2021
Gazans struggle with continued Israeli restrictions
Despite the cease-fire agreement, Hamas is threatening to resume fighting if Israel does not allow Qatari aid and other help to reach it soon.
Hana Salah | Palestine | Jun 8, 2021
Israel bombs ice cream factory in Gaza
Eleven days of relentless Israeli attacks has caused heavy damage to Gaza's factories and farmland.
Hana Salah | Palestine | May 21, 2021
Gazans recount how they are dealing with death and destruction
The first day of Eid was canceled for Gazans as people try to cope with having lost family, homes and their livelihoods to the wave of attacks between Gaza and Israel.
Hana Salah | Palestine | May 14, 2021
NASA engineer from Gaza following escalation with concern
Loay Elbasyouni, who grew up in the Gaza Strip and attended UNRWA schools, helped design the first NASA helicopter that hovered over Mars in March 2021.
Hana Salah | Culture | May 14, 2021
Hamas says some Arab dramas promote normalization with Israel
An Egyptian series starring Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan angered Hamas for portraying the Gaza Strip as a drug den in the 1940s; Hamas also is critical of Ramadan over issues involving Arab states' normalization of relations with Israel.
Hana Salah | Palestine | May 13, 2021
Jerusalem violence reignites tension between Gaza, Israel
Palestinian factions in Gaza resumed rocket attacks against Israel amid ongoing violence in Jerusalem.
Hana Salah | Palestine | May 12, 2021
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