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The Takeaway: Biden-Abdullah White House summit key to Israel-Jordan reset
Jordan-Israel ties had hit rock bottom under Netanyahu; Also: Will Zarif pick up Raisi’s road map on the Iran deal?; Israel prepares Raisi file; Egypt, Ethiopia compete for power partnerships; Saudi-Ethiopian ties strained by Nile dam dispute; Russia’s vaccine diplomacy stumbles; the latest Pharaonic parade. 
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Israel | Jul 21, 2021
The Takeaway: Erdogan weighs risks of Afghan mission against benefits for US ties
Also: Gulf airline race takes off; Islamic State steps up Iraq attacks; Fortnite fatwa riles Egyptian gamers; is Israel’s army too small?; child beggars in Gaza’s cemeteries; Iraq unearths 4,000 year old city; and more! All in only about 1,500 words.
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Turkey | Jul 14, 2021
Turkish airstrikes ignite Assyrian lands, villagers organize firefighting response
The fire and lack of emergency response is endemic in the region as Turkish attacks routinely impact communities in Iraq’s north.
Joe Snell | Iraq | Jul 13, 2021
The Takeaway: Does Iran want to scuttle nuclear deal talks with militia attacks in Iraq?
Also: Fresh reporting from Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Gaza; high oil prices may undercut GCC reforms; a cure for termites in Egypt; and more.
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Iraq | Jul 7, 2021
The Takeaway: Iran deal on front burner before Raisi takes office
Also:  Bibi plots his comeback, a woman boxing coach trains men in Egypt, and the latest from Gaza, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey.
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Iran | Jun 30, 2021
Intel: Iraq’s power crisis prompts resignation of electricity minister
Scorching summer heat, coordinated attacks on power transmission towers and Tehran cutting its power supply to Baghdad have contributed to severe power shortages across the country.
Joe Snell | Iraq | Jun 30, 2021
The Takeaway: Raisi likely can’t resist economic benefits of Iran nuclear deal
Also: Turkey as wild card on Syria aid; United States says it is not trading Syrian oil for aid; Russia rebuilds Palmyra; the latest reporting from Idlib; Bedouin lawmaker a headache for Israel’s Arab party; Cairo museum gets makeover.
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Iran | Jun 23, 2021
The Takeaway: Pragmatism is the new watchword in US-Turkey relations
Plus: A fresh start for Israel; Iran’s hard-line front-runner on the issues; Egypt’s faltering Palestinian mediation; Saudi-Syria talks; Golani’s makeover.
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Turkey | Jun 16, 2021
The Takeaway: US looks to Gulf to help break deadlock in Nile Dam dispute
Egypt, Ethiopia reshape security alignments in Horn of Africa; Erdogan readies for make-or-break summit with Biden; Lapid emerges as arbiter of Israeli politics; Israeli Arab community split on coalition government; update on Gaza.
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Egypt | Jun 9, 2021
The Takeaway: Israel’s new government united in opposition to Bibi but not much else
Israeli Arab party leader Mansour Abbas makes history as dealmaker; will Hamas and Assad bury the hatchet; Does Hadi have a future in Yemen? Egypt, Sudan double down on military, economic ties; update on UN Iraq report; more!
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Israel | Jun 2, 2021
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4,000-year-old city discovered in Iraq
Adnan Abu Zeed | Iraq | Jul 9, 2021
Saudi Arabia’s race for Gulf economic leadership takes to the sky
Sebastian Castelier | Gulf | Jul 13, 2021
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Has Israel’s army become too small?
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 13, 2021
NSO officials comment on Pegasus spyware affair: We are self-regulated on right for privacy, transparency  
Ali Hashem on what to expect from Ebrahim Raisi and the rise of the Hezbollahis in Iran
Major General Noam Tibon: IDF needs more boots on the ground 
South Asia security expert Ayesha Siddiqa says Turkey is a natural fit for Afghanistan 
Ambassador Haim Koren: Bennett seeks to boost Israel’s ties with Jordan 
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