Mohammed A. Salih
Mohammed A. Salih is a journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. He has written about Kurdish and Iraqi affairs for local and international media, and he holds a master's degree from the Missouri School of Journalism.
Kurds concerned about Baghdad's increasing military prowess
Kurdish officials have been raising their concerns about a possible Shiite threat after IS is completely annihilated in their areas, as Baghdad, which backs those Shiite forces participating in the battle against IS, has been receiving advanced weapons from the United States.
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Aug 18, 2016
How Islamic State is trying to lure Kurds to its ranks
The Islamic State released a video Aug. 3 in which militants refer to prominent Kurdish leaders in a bid to attract the Kurds to their ranks.
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Aug 12, 2016
Is Maliki plotting return to power with Kurdistan visit?
Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's visit to Sulaimaniyah has sparked rumors of his hopes of regaining the premiership.
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Aug 3, 2016
Baghdad-Erbil bickering overshadows Mosul battle
Since the Iraqi central government excluded the Kurdistan Regional Government from a meeting for the anti-IS coalition in Washington, tension has been escalating between Baghdad and the Kurds, who stressed that they will not leave areas in Ninevah liberated from IS.
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Jul 28, 2016
Iraqi forces in Ninevah eye the ultimate prize: Mosul
Iraqi forces are currently battling the Islamic State on the western side of the Tigris River with the aim of liberating Qayyarah after having taken the air base there in their march to Mosul.
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Jul 19, 2016
How new alliance among Iraq's Kurds might actually deepen divisions
The recently formed alliance between Gorran and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has raised the ire of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, deepening divisions in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Jul 5, 2016
Why Iranian Kurdish party is stepping up fight against Tehran
The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan broke the two-decade cease-fire by launching attacks on IRGC forces, which triggered Iranian attacks against Iraqi Kurdistan.
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Jul 1, 2016
Iraqi army radio takes aim at IS
The Iraqi army in Ninevah province has been operating a radio station in the area, with the aim of demonizing the Islamic State among the residents.
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Jun 29, 2016
Will Iraqi-Kurdish conflict break out in Ninevah?
Now that the Kurdish peshmerga forces have succeeded in ousting the Islamic State from crucial parts of Ninevah province, they're more determined than ever not to see the area slide back into the hands of the Iraqi forces.
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Jun 10, 2016
How the Islamic State is winning the media war
Is covering the Islamic State’s activities a legitimate public service or just propaganda that serves the extremist group?
Mohammed A. Salih | Iraq | Jun 3, 2016
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