Osama Al Sharif
Osama Al Sharif is a veteran journalist and political commentator based in Amman who specializes in Middle East issues. He can be reached at alsharif.osama@gmail.com. On Twitter: @plato010
Israel, Jordan try to rebuild ties, trust after Netanyahu
Relations between Jordan and Israel deteriorated dramatically under outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and rebuilding them won't be easy.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | Jun 23, 2021
King appoints new commission for political reform in Jordan
Jordan’s King Abdullah has formed a committee to revise two main pieces of legislation related to the political life in the kingdom, but activists are skeptical about the prospects for change.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | Jun 17, 2021
Jordan picks up regional diplomacy following Blinken, Bin Zayed visits
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken referred to Jordan as a key partner and friend in his recent visit to Amman, yet the Hashemite kingdom is facing a new geopolitical reality making it’s diplomatic role in Mideast peace more challenging.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | May 28, 2021
Jordan runs low on diplomatic options in east Jerusalem crisis
Jordan and Israel are on a collision course once again and Jerusalem remains at the heart of the crisis.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | May 11, 2021
Jordanians warned to expect summer water shortages
Jordan is already one of the world's most water-stressed countries but Jordanians can expect even worse water shortages this summer.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | Apr 29, 2021
Jordan rocked by allegations against former crown prince
Hamzah Bin Al Hussein, former Crown Prince and half-brother to King Abdullah, says he is not going to obey restrictions.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | Apr 5, 2021
Jordan-Israeli ties on the brink over obstruction of royal visit to holy shrine
King Abdullah II has had enough of Benyamin Netanyahu's provocations over custodianship over Al-Aqsa Mosque and has retaliated by scuttling the Israeli premier's so-called historic trip to the UAE when Israel botched his son's visit to Jerusalem. Now Jordan-Israel ties have reached a new low as Netanyahu battles for his political survival in next week's elections.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | Mar 15, 2021
Jordan reinstates partial lockdown as coronavirus deaths spike
New infections are ravaging Jordan, where vaccination efforts are lagging far behind what health experts say is needed.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | Mar 11, 2021
In letter, king points to reduced intelligence agency role in Jordan's public life
A letter sent by King Abdullah II to the head of the powerful General Intelligence Directorate Gen. Ahmad Husni on Feb. 17 is keeping the kingdom's political class guessing over what the letter really means.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | Feb 24, 2021
King’s call to revisit political reforms triggers cautious optimism in Jordan
In an interview, King Abdullah focused on the need to launch political and administrative reforms that include reviewing laws that govern elections and political parties, in a move that coincides with the start of the Biden administration.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | Feb 8, 2021
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