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Israel considers options after drone attack on ship blamed on Iran
The drone attack against an Israeli-managed oil tanker last week revealed Israel’s soft underbelly at sea, and forces its leadership to consider how to retaliate.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Aug 3, 2021
The Israeli-linked, Japanese-owned tanker MV Mercer Street is seen Aug. 3, 2021, off the port of the Gulf emirate of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.
Intel: US-led coalition reaffirms support for prisons holding IS fighters in northeast Syria
The coalition commander called the Syrian Kurdish fighters' achievements against the Islamic State "astounding" and reaffirmed international support.
Al-Monitor Staff | Syria | Aug 2, 2021
Israel says Iran behind drone attack on ship
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said there is clear evidence that Iran was involved in the July 29 drone attack on an Israeli-managed ship.
Rina Bassist | Israel | Aug 2, 2021
Israel weighs risks, options for dealing with Hezbollah’s precise missiles
Hezbollah is expanding its missile capability — what are Israel's options?
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 30, 2021
Senator urges aid freeze to Egypt amid human rights abuses
Sen. Chris Murphy urged the Biden administration not to bypass US law with this year's military aid package to Cairo.
Al-Monitor Staff | Washington Pulse | Jul 29, 2021
Lockheed, Israel's Rafael team up to build laser air defense weapon
Israel's Defense Ministry aims to field a ground-based laser capable of shooting down rockets by 2024.
Al-Monitor Staff | Israel | Jul 28, 2021
Israel sides against Turkey in Cyprus dispute
Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said after his meeting with Cypriot counterpart Nikos Christodoulides that Israel is concerned over what it considers a Turkish provocative move in northern Cyprus.
Rina Bassist | Israel | Jul 27, 2021
Biden announces end to US combat mission in Iraq
Following a White House meeting today between US President Joe Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, the two side announced an agreement that the US combat mission in Iraq will end by Dec. 31, 2021.
Jared Szuba | Iraq | Jul 27, 2021
US reaffirms stance on Turkey’s S-400, support for Syria’s Kurds
The White House has maintained the previous administration's demands that Ankara dispose of the Russian missile defense system.
Al-Monitor Staff | U.S. | Jul 22, 2021
US senator says Turkish actions against pro-Kurdish party like ‘if Biden banned the Republican Party’
Democratic and Republican senators voiced heavy criticism of the Turkish government to a State Department official during a Wednesday hearing. The lawmakers accused Ankara of abusing the international police system, being an “aggressor” toward Greece, and much more.
Adam Lucente | U.S. | Jul 22, 2021
Erdogan takes Taliban's warning in stride
Turkey's leaders are brushing off the Taliban's warnings over extending its mission in Afghanistan.
Al-Monitor Staff | Turkey | Jul 19, 2021
Grand ayatollah warns against Iran's Taliban approach
The rare criticism came as the Iranian establishment is accused of attempting to canonize the Taliban amid shifting regional dynamics.  
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Jul 15, 2021
Turkey shrugs off Taliban warning over Kabul airport
Flights to evacuate Afghan interpreters will begin by the end of July, the White House said today.
Al-Monitor Staff | Turkey | Jul 15, 2021
The Takeaway: Erdogan weighs risks of Afghan mission against benefits for US ties
Also: Gulf airline race takes off; Islamic State steps up Iraq attacks; Fortnite fatwa riles Egyptian gamers; is Israel’s army too small?; child beggars in Gaza’s cemeteries; Iraq unearths 4,000 year old city; and more! All in only about 1,500 words.
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Turkey | Jul 14, 2021
Has Israel’s army become too small?
Outgoing IDF deputy chief of staff Eyal Zamir warned this week that Israel's army would struggle to manage the multiple threats facing the country.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 13, 2021
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4,000-year-old city discovered in Iraq
Adnan Abu Zeed | Iraq | Jul 9, 2021
Saudi Arabia’s race for Gulf economic leadership takes to the sky
Sebastian Castelier | Gulf | Jul 13, 2021
Ancient fossilized fish found in Egypt that survived in hot waters
Alaa Omran | Culture | Jun 16, 2021
Will Turkey use Syrian mercenaries in Kabul?
Fehim Tastekin | Turkey | Jul 12, 2021
Has Israel’s army become too small?
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 13, 2021
Saudis see agreement with US on 90% of issues in region, says Stephen Kalin 
Meretz legislator Gaby Lasky: Israel's ruling coalition divided ideologically, but united on bettering citizens’ lives 
Nile Dam talks may be ‘in a lot of trouble,’ says Samuel Ramani
NSO officials comment on Pegasus spyware affair: We are self-regulated on right for privacy, transparency  
Ali Hashem on what to expect from Ebrahim Raisi and the rise of the Hezbollahis in Iran
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