Economy and trade
Amazon's entry heats up local competition in Egypt
US e-commerce giant Amazon opened its logistics zone in Egypt, offering new options to consumers and new challenges to small businesses.
Hani Sameer | Egypt | Sep 15, 2021
This picture taken on Oct. 22, 2019, shows a new Amazon warehouse, part of mobile robotic fulfilment systems also known as Amazon robotics, in Bretigny-sur-Orge, some 30 kilometers south of Paris.
Bennett rules out meeting Abbas, but not economic cooperation
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Tuesday that he will not meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, but he showed willingness to support economic and business ties with the Palestinian Authority.
Rina Bassist | Israel | Sep 15, 2021
Confidence-building measures with Israel trigger mixed reactions among PA leaders
Palestinian leaders exhibit varying reactions toward the confidence-building measures with Israel.
Ahmad Melhem | Palestine | Sep 15, 2021
Sudan, South Sudan resume trade activity
Following a 10-year hiatus, since the secession of South Sudan on July 9, 2011, the governments in Juba and Khartoum agreed to resume trade activity and cooperate on transport and security beginning in early October.
Baher al-Kady | Egypt | Sep 13, 2021
Lebanon forms new government
The formation of a new government led by Prime Minister Najib Mikati brings to an end a 13-month gridlock in Lebanon.
Al-Monitor Staff | Lebanon | Sep 10, 2021
Chinese-operated port opens in Israel despite American concerns
The Biden administration is relaying to Jerusalem the same fears expressed by former US administrations over Chinese investments in Israel.
Danny Zaken | Israel | Sep 9, 2021
Absence of government, parliament negatively affects Tunisia’s economy
The complex political and economic scene in Tunisia is deepening concerns over the negative economic repercussions on the sovereign ratings of the economy and the business and investment climate, as political experts warn of an unprecedented economic disaster.
Mohamed Ali Ltifi | Tunisia | Sep 3, 2021
Israel opens Chinese-run terminal at Haifa port
Biden's CIA director raised concerns about Beijing's growing investment in Israel, according to a report.
Al-Monitor Staff | Israel | Sep 2, 2021
Turkey’s record growth rate belies murky economic prospects
Eager to woo back disgruntled voters, Erdogan appears bent on stimulating economic growth at the risk of stoking Turkey’s currency troubles.
Mustafa Sonmez | Turkey | Sep 1, 2021
Will Riyadh's efforts to Saudize workforce reduce unemployment?
Saudi Arabia’s quest for regional economic leadership sheds light on the largest reserve of citizens in the Gulf Cooperation Council, reigniting debate over localization policies.
Sebastian Castelier | Gulf | Aug 27, 2021
Turkey views ties with Ethiopia as key to influence in Africa
Turkey’s quest for normalization with Egypt and a new beginning with Sudan hinges on how far Ankara takes its relations with Ethiopia amid a simmering water dispute in the region over Ethiopia’s mega dam on the Nile.
Fehim Tastekin | Turkey | Aug 18, 2021
Afghan chaos further incentive for India’s efforts to strengthen ties with Iran
The recent rise of the Taliban in Kabul has expedited New Delhi's efforts to boost ties with Iran, which is positioned to be India's main corridor to Afghanistan, yet major challenges remain.
Sabena Siddiqui | Iran | Aug 18, 2021
Egyptians hoard gold jewelry
The price of gold in Egypt has declined, amid growing demand for jewelry.
Rasha Mahmoud | Egypt | Aug 15, 2021
Israel loosens restrictions on trade, travel from Gaza
Israel is reopening the Erez pedestrian crossing to merchants and businesspeople after closing over coronavirus concerns last year.
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | Aug 13, 2021
Israeli budget approved in victory for Arab coalition party
The big winner of the approval of Israel’s 2021 state budget is the leader of the Arab coalition party Ra’am, Mansour Abbas.
Mazal Mualem | Israel | Aug 3, 2021
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