Iran-US tensions
Iraq’s Kadhimi meets with Iranian president
In meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi acknowledged "deep relations" between the two countries.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 13, 2021
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi (R) and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi (L) hold a joint press conference in Tehran, Iran, Sept. 12, 2021.
US sanctions four Iranians over plot to kidnap New York activist
The newly designated Iranian intelligence operatives were charged in July with conspiring to kidnap a New York-based activist and journalist.
Elizabeth Hagedorn | Iran | Sep 3, 2021
Iran, Saudi Arabia set to resume new round of talks in Iraq
Iranian officials say talks with Riyadh counterparts will resume in Baghdad soon.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Aug 31, 2021
Iran to move away from nuclear-centered foreign policy
Iran’s likely new foreign minister will not be as focused on the nuclear deal as was his predecessor. 
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Aug 23, 2021
IRGC says Afghanistan exit a ‘lesson’ not to rely on US
An official from Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps says the US exit from Afghanistan is a lesson for regional leaders.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Aug 18, 2021
Afghan chaos further incentive for India’s efforts to strengthen ties with Iran
The recent rise of the Taliban in Kabul has expedited New Delhi's efforts to boost ties with Iran, which is positioned to be India's main corridor to Afghanistan, yet major challenges remain.
Sabena Siddiqui | Iran | Aug 18, 2021
US blasts Iran's uranium metal production as 'unconstructive'
The State Department condemned Iran's violations of the deal following a UN watchdog report that found Tehran has produced 200 grams of uranium metal enriched up to 20%.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Aug 17, 2021
Whither US policy toward Iran?
The election of Iran's new president and the Taliban's stunning takeover in Afghanistan have somewhat shaken up the Iran nuclear deal talks, but the United States and Iran clearly know reinstating the deal is in both their favor.
Mark Fitzpatrick | U.S. | Aug 17, 2021
Iran's Raisi calls US 'defeat' in Afghanistan opportunity for peace
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's comments came as the deteriorating security situation forced Tehran to draw down its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Aug 16, 2021
Turkey sees opportunity in Iran-West faceoff under Raisi
Raisi’s hard-line approach may further sharpen disagreements between Ankara and Tehran over Syria and Iraq, but Ankara also sees new opportunities under the new Iranian leadership.
Fehim Tastekin | Turkey | Aug 14, 2021
Iran sending more weapons to Yemen's Houthis amid cease-fire effort: Pentagon
Pentagon allegation comes as Iranian and Saudi officials are reportedly preparing to meet in Baghdad later this month
Jared Szuba | U.S. | Aug 11, 2021
Blinken urges UN to hold Iran accountable for Mercer Street attack
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the drone strike was the latest in a pattern of Iranian attacks and provocative behavior.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Aug 10, 2021
US sanctions Iran-backed militias under weapons transfer ban
Al-Monitor Staff | Washington Pulse | Aug 9, 2021
Pentagon reveals evidence of Iran's role in Gulf tanker attack
Last week's drone strike on the Israeli-managed oil products tanker Mercer Street required "calculated and deliberate retargeting," CENTCOM said.
Jared Szuba | U.S. | Aug 6, 2021
Raisi ready to support ‘any diplomatic plan’ that lifts sanctions on Iran
Meanwhile, Israeli prime minister is ready to "send a message" to Iran in response to drone attack on Israeli-managed ship that killed two.
Week in Review | Iran | Aug 6, 2021
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