Israeli elections
100 days in, Bennett’s government challenged on Iran, Gaza
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett registered several achievements since he founded the government 100 days ago, but is still not perceived as a true leader.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Sep 17, 2021
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett listens during a meeting with US President Joe Biden in the Oval Office at the White House, Washington, Aug. 27, 2021.
Israel’s Gantz keeps eye on premiership
Defense Minister Benny Gantz' statements and actions of the past few weeks indicate that he has matured politically and is still hoping to be premier one day.
Mazal Mualem | Israel | Sep 17, 2021
Egypt’s embrace of Bennett highlights divisions in Israeli cabinet
While coalition partners from the center and left congratulated Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on his meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, figures on the right are busy criticizing him over Gaza.
Mazal Mualem | Israel | Sep 14, 2021
Bennett, Lapid shift stance on Gaza
Despite his past support for attacking Hamas, the meeting between Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid's plan to rehabilitate Gaza signal a very different policy.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Sep 14, 2021
Israel's Bennett has lost his voter base
National-religious activists and settlers are abandoning Prime Minister Naftali Bennett because of his partnering with centrist and left-wing parties.
Mazal Mualem | Israel | Sep 13, 2021
Lapid unveils Israeli economic plan for Gaza
Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid presented an outline for improving the lives of Gazans, offering them economic rehabilitation steps in exchange for Hamas halting its military build-up.
Rina Bassist | Israel | Sep 13, 2021
Palestinian prison break embarrasses Israeli government
The last thing Prime Minister Naftali Bennett needed right now was a spectacular escape of six Palestinian prisoners from a high-security jail.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Sep 10, 2021
Israeli female ministers introduce reforms, shake up agenda
With nine female ministers, the government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett includes the highest number ever of women in an Israeli Cabinet.
Mazal Mualem | Israel | Sep 10, 2021
Protesters accuse IDF of tying soldiers' hands after deadly clash
In the wake of the death of IDF soldier Barel Hadaria Shmueli, hundreds of Israeli service members have been demanding the rules for live fire engagement be loosened.
Afif Abu Much | Israel | Sep 8, 2021
Straight talk from Israel's Lapid includes criticism of US
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid does not stop for a minute, including controversial remarks on Poland, on the US Consulate in Jerusalem and on Afghanistan.
Mazal Mualem | Israel | Sep 7, 2021
Gestures toward Palestinians leave Bennett in bind
With his rightwing base on the one side, the Biden administration and his coalition partners on the other, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place on bettering the lives of Palestinians.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Sep 3, 2021
Israeli state budget passes preliminary vote
Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett are satisfied: After a long period without a real state budget, Israel finally got one.
Mazal Mualem | Israel | Sep 3, 2021
Ahead of Bennett’s visit to Washington, Israel tightens cooperation with Egypt
The invitation to visit Cairo and the agreement over the transfer of Qatari money to Gaza are important milestones for Prime Minister Naftali Bennett ahead of his visit to the White House.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Aug 20, 2021
Israel, Egypt signal closer cooperation as Sisi invites Bennett to Cairo
In a first since 2011, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was invited by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for an official visit to Cairo.
Rina Bassist | Israel | Aug 19, 2021
Israel's Lapid prepares for future confrontation with Netanyahu
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid is consolidating his international standing, in preparation for taking over the premiership and for future confrontation with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Mazal Mualem | Israel | Aug 18, 2021
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