Jewish prayer continues to rile Al-Aqsa Mosque
Recurrent prayer by Jews at Al-Aqsa Mosque against regulations can be expected to continue to spark clashes at the site.
Daoud Kuttab | Palestine | Oct 20, 2021
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish youths pray in front of a closure manned by Israeli security forces as a group of Palestinian women protest being denied entry outside the Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem on July 18, 2021.
Israeli legislators keep low profile on East Jerusalem construction plans
Most leftist legislators did not react publicly to reports over the government advancing plans for Jewish construction in East Jerusalem neighborhoods.
Mazal Mualem | Israel | Oct 15, 2021
Palestinians alarmed by Israel settlement plan on Jerusalem airport
Israel's Greater Jerusalem Project is taking shape with the construction of thousands of new settlement units on the land of Jerusalem airport, setting off alarm bells with the Palestinians.
Ahmad Melhem | Palestine | Oct 13, 2021
Israeli court approves quiet Jewish prayer at Temple Mount compound
In a landmark ruling, the Jerusalem Magistrates Court allowed Rabbi Aryeh Lippo to pray silently at the Temple Mount/Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.
Rina Bassist | Israel | Oct 8, 2021
The Takeaway: What will it take to jumpstart Iran nuclear talks?
Jihadi spat in Idlib; Palestinians’ fashion feud; Lapid pivots left; Palestinians reject Armenian land sale in Jerusalem; Turkey’s generals and Syria; Qatari artist bemoans plastic pollution; and more! In less than 1,200 words.
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Iran | Sep 29, 2021
Israel again bombs Hamas targets in Gaza as fire balloons continue
The flare-up could threaten last month's cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | Jun 18, 2021
Hamas tests new Israeli government by resuming incendiary balloons
The so-called “night confusion units” in Gaza continue to fire incendiary balloons toward Israel.
Ahmad Abu Amer | Palestine | Jun 17, 2021
Israeli minister condemns hate slogans during nationalist march
After the controversial flag march in Jerusalem, new Foreign Minister Yair Lapid tweeted, "It is incomprehensible that people can hold the Israeli flag in one hand and shout 'Death to Arabs' at the same time."
Rina Bassist | Israel | Jun 16, 2021
Israeli government approves timing for controversial flag march in Jerusalem
The nationalist rally is now scheduled to take place Tuesday, two days after Israel’s parliament votes on the formation of a new government. Exact arrangements still have not been agreed upon.
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | Jun 10, 2021
Controversial Jerusalem flag march postponed until after new government sworn in
The controversial flag march in Jerusalem, organized annually by the Israeli right and religious Zionism, will not be held until after the new government is sworn in.
Rina Bassist | Israel | Jun 9, 2021
Egypt's Coptic Church exercises soft power in Jerusalem
Egypt seeks to strengthen its religious influence in the city of Jerusalem through the properties and endowments of the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, and also to preserve its ownership of the properties.
George Mikhail | Egypt | Jun 7, 2021
Egypt promises $500 million to Gaza, excludes Hamas
Egypt's relations with Hamas have improved greatly, but Cairo insists on keeping Gaza's reconstruction money out of its hands.
Amr Emam | Egypt | Jun 3, 2021
Biden to open US Consulate in Jerusalem, restore ties with the PA
The US administration’s decision to reopen its consulate in East Jerusalem was welcomed by the Palestinians, as it paves the way for restoring ties between the United States and the Palestinian Authority, which deteriorated during the Trump era.
Ahmad Melhem | Palestine | Jun 1, 2021
Jordan picks up regional diplomacy following Blinken, Bin Zayed visits
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken referred to Jordan as a key partner and friend in his recent visit to Amman, yet the Hashemite kingdom is facing a new geopolitical reality making it’s diplomatic role in Mideast peace more challenging.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | May 28, 2021
Egypt seeks long-term deal between Israel, Hamas
Egypt, which brokered last week's cease-fire that ended hostilities and between Israel and Hamas and also hosted Palestinian reconciliation talks earlier this year, hopes it can help put in place a long-term truce.
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | May 27, 2021
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Hagar Hosny | Egypt | Oct 6, 2021
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