Military Industry
Biden move on Egypt aid slammed by human rights groups
The Biden administration is reportedly releasing some of the military aid that Congress had conditioned on Egypt making human rights improvements.
Elizabeth Hagedorn | Egypt | Sep 14, 2021
A picture taken on July 26, 2018, shows Egyptian policemen driving on a road leading to the North Sinai provincial capital of El-Arish.
Why Serbia wants to buy SPIKE missiles from Israel
While prospects for actual conflict use are slim, Belgrade hopes that by buying Israeli weapons it can alleviate some of the pressure it may face from Washington over Kosovo and ties with Russia and China.
Vuk Vuksanovic | Israel | Sep 10, 2021
Erdogan heralds massive military complex to coordinate military, security agencies
A planned joint complex to house Turkey’s top military bodies is touted as a move to enhance the army’s coordination and interoperability, but political and economic motivations also lurk behind the project.
Metin Gurcan | Turkey | Sep 8, 2021
Iran tests defensive missile system
The military exercise was the first since President Ebrahim Raisi took office.
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | Aug 31, 2021
Turkey to host international defense fair
Some of the companies that will present weapons at the fair are from countries Turkey has difficult relations with.
Al-Monitor Staff | Turkey | Aug 12, 2021
Egypt, Algeria find common ground on Libyan crisis
Egypt and Algeria have been at odds over how to deal with the situation in Libya, but that may be changing.
Mohamed Sabry | Egypt | Aug 7, 2021
Russia tries to compete with US in Mideast weapons market
Russia's prospects in the Middle East arms market will depend on its ability to master fast production of the latest models of military equipment.
Kirill Semenov | Russia | Aug 2, 2021
Erdogan tells Biden Turkey won't change position on S-400s
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reportedly told his US counterpart that Ankara won't soften its stance on the Russian S-400 missile systems despite sanctions imposed by Washington over the purchase.
Al-Monitor Staff | Turkey | Jun 17, 2021
US, Turkey still far off on deal over Russian S-400 missiles
Is any feasible deal on the S-400 deployment in Turkey in the works?
Amberin Zaman | Turkey | Jun 9, 2021
Turkish drone sets off international buzz over 'killer robots'
The appearance of Turkish artificial intelligence-controlled drones in Libyan skies has rekindled questions on how lethal autonomous weapons will affect regional geopolitics and whether they should be banned. 
Metin Gurcan | Turkey | Jun 8, 2021
Turkey’s ambitious drone carrier project dogged by uncertainties
Keen on becoming a major sea power in the region, Turkey plans to convert an amphibious assault ship into a drone carrier, a project that raises operational and technical challenges for the Turkish navy.
Metin Gurcan | Turkey | Apr 26, 2021
Is Canadian embargo harbinger of more sanctions for Turkey?
The Canadian government’s decision to indefinitely cancel military export permits to Turkey has touched a nerve in the Turkish defense industry and bureaucracy. 
Pinar Tremblay | Turkey | Apr 19, 2021
UN says Libya arms embargo 'totally ineffective'
A United Nations panel of experts accused several member states, including Turkey and Russia, of fueling the Libyan conflict.
Al-Monitor Staff | Libya | Mar 17, 2021
Israel, US reveal cooperation on Arrow 4 ballistic missile interceptor
The Arrow 4 is set to replace the high-altitude Arrow 2 in the coming decades.
Jared Szuba | Israel | Feb 18, 2021
Israel’s military skirts budget restrictions for $9 billion air force upgrade
The IDF will use a chunk of US aid and foreign borrowing to help fund its planned expansion of the air force's strike range
Al-Monitor Staff | Israel | Feb 10, 2021
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