Russian influence
Iran's Raisi to meet Putin as states mull Taliban recognition
In his first foreign visit as Iran's president, Ebrahim Raisi will sit down with Russian and Pakistani leaders amid new regional dynamics triggered by the US departure from Afghanistan.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Sep 16, 2021
Russian President Vladimir Putin attends by a video conference a trilateral meeting with the leaders of Iran and Turkey on the topic of Syria, in Moscow on July 1, 2020.
Lebanese energy plan includes Syria
A meeting of Jordanian, Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian ministers seems to have cracked Syria's isolation.
Osama Al Sharif | Jordan | Sep 10, 2021
The Takeaway: Iran nuclear diplomacy creeps forward in Moscow and Paris
Also: Taliban’s success inspires Syrian jihadis; Russia’s delicate diplomacy in Syria and Turkey; Nile dam parley peters out; IDF snared in political rift; Egypt’s Avenue of the Sphinxes; and more … in only about 1,500 words.
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Iran | Sep 8, 2021
Humanitarian aid entering via conflict lines stirs controversy among Syrian opposition
The Syrian opposition fears the cross-border humanitarian aid mechanism will be replaced by cross-line aid deliveries amid accusations leveled at Hayat Tahrir al-Sham of trying to normalize ties with the Syrian regime and its allies.
Khaled al-Khateb | Syria | Sep 6, 2021
Is Moscow using the S-400 against Turkey?
Ankara denies the suggestion from Moscow that a second batch of S-400s is headed for Turkey and says it is an effort to stall Turkey’s talks with the United States and Europe.
Semih Idiz | Turkey | Sep 3, 2021
Russian rebuke of Turkey for Crimea support highlights Ankara's delicate balancing act
Turkey's support for Crimea also highlights the growing value of Ukraine and Crimea for Ankara.
Amberin Zaman | Turkey | Aug 25, 2021
Russian, UK envoys ignite fury in Iran with 'inappropriate' restaged photo
A restaged version at the Russian Embassy in Tehran of the historic 1943 photo showing Soviet, American and British "Big Three" leaders at the then-Soviet Embassy angered many Iranians, who have historically seen the 1943 Tehran Conference as a bitter symbol of subordination to world powers.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Aug 13, 2021
UN Syria envoy urges end to 'siege-like' situation in Daraa
UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen said Syrian civilians living under a government siege in the southwestern city are suffering from shortages of fuel, food and medicine.
Al-Monitor Staff | Syria | Aug 13, 2021
Egypt enrolls Russian imams in 'fatwa training program' to combat Brotherhood
Egypt is helping Russia confront extremism, namely Muslim Brotherhood ideology, by training Russian imams in the Dar al-Ifta — including a 'fatwa training program.'
George Mikhail | Egypt | Aug 12, 2021
Russia denies siding with Ethiopia in Nile dam dispute
Egypt interprets Russian reluctance to back its position in the GERD dispute as pro-Ethiopian, but Moscow says it is pursuing a balanced position between Cairo and Addis Ababa.
Mohamed Sabry | Egypt | Aug 11, 2021
Egypt postpones nuclear power plant amid tensions with Russia over Nile dam
Egypt pauses El-Dabaa nuclear power plant project for two years amid tensions hanging over the relationship with Russia due to its recent position on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis and its rapprochement with Ethiopia.
George Mikhail | Egypt | Jul 28, 2021
Kremlin's vaccine diplomacy finds trouble in Middle East 
Deliveries of Russia's Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine are as controversial as the vaccine itself.
Anton Mardasov | Russia | Jul 16, 2021
Egypt disappointed by Russian stance on Nile dam dispute
Some Egyptians call for reassessing relations with Russia after it failed to back Egypt's view on Ethiopia's Nile dam at the Security Council this month, although overall ties remain strong.
Amr Emam | Egypt | Jul 16, 2021
Confrontation between US, pro-Iranian groups in Syria and Iraq poses challenges for Russia
While Moscow does not yet have the resources to eliminate Iranian influence in Syria, it would be in its interests to at least prevent the expansion of the activities of pro-Iranian paramilitary structures.
Kirill Semenov | Syria | Jul 12, 2021
After gestures to US, Turkey turns to placating Russia
Turkey is back to its balancing act between Moscow and Washington after a series of moves to win favor with the Biden administration at the expense of irritating Russia.
Fehim Tastekin | Turkey | Jul 7, 2021
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