Ex-US intelligence operatives admit to hacking for UAE
The Justice Department said Tuesday three former intelligence and military operatives had admitted to helping the UAE government surveil targets worldwide, including US citizens.
Al-Monitor Staff | United Arab Emirates | Sep 15, 2021
The US Department of Justice is seen on June 11, 2021, in Washington, DC.
International observers prepare for Iraq's elections
Hundreds of international observers are gearing up for the legislative elections in Iraq on Oct. 10 in an attempt to help Iraqis conduct transparent and fair elections.
Mustafa Saadoun | Iraq | Sep 1, 2021
UN panel calls for cybersurveillance sale freeze amid Pegasus scandal
The independent panel said it was concerned by reports that highly sophisticated surveillance tools are being used to monitor journalists, activists and political opponents.
Al-Monitor Staff | Israel | Aug 12, 2021
Bedouins excluded from Israel’s high-tech industry
Israelis who are employed by high-tech companies live a comfortable life, which Bedouin youths can only dream of.
Danny Zaken | Israel | Jul 26, 2021
Pegasus intel project brings Israel more trouble
With the NSO affair continuing to develop, Israel — the world champion of cyber technologies — might get into significant diplomatic trouble precisely because of that.
Ben Caspit | Israel | Jul 23, 2021
Israel 'looks into' NSO cyber-espionage affair
Reports in Israel say the government has set up an interministerial team to 'look into' the export of Israeli-made Pegasus software and allegation over its abuse against politicians and journalists worldwide.
Rina Bassist | Israel | Jul 22, 2021
UAE likely partner in Israel's moon mission
The funding sources for Israel's ambitious Beresheet 2 have not been divulged, but there are hints that the United Arab Emirates may well be teaming up with Israel on a moon landing.
Danny Zaken | Israel | Jul 21, 2021
Israeli firm NSO Group tied to high-level hacks
A sweeping investigation found the names of world leaders, human rights defenders and journalists included on a leaked list of 50,000 alleged surveillance targets.
Al-Monitor Staff | Israel | Jul 19, 2021
Microsoft says Israeli company's malware used to hack dissidents, activists
Microsoft said around half of the victims were located in the Palestinian territories, and many of the remaining targets were based in the Middle East.
Al-Monitor Staff | Israel | Jul 16, 2021
Facebook says Iranian hackers spied on US military personnel using fake accounts
The social media company said the hackers baited targets into clicking on malicious links that would infect their devices with malware.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Jul 15, 2021
Iran rolls out matchmaking app to curb declining birthrate
The Hamdan app aims to create "healthy" families and pair "bachelors seeking permanent marriage” with a wife.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Jul 13, 2021
US-made drones downed over Yemen weren't military's, CENTCOM says
The Houthis said they wrecked two US drones over Yemen's contested Marib province.
Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen | Jun 24, 2021
Imagery suggests Iran failed to launch satellite, set to try again
Iran appears to be planning to launch a Simorgh satellite that the Islamic Republic may have failed to get off the ground earlier this month.
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Jun 23, 2021
Israeli women lead food tech revolution
Israeli women researchers are developing award-winning projects in the fields of food tech and smart agriculture.
Danny Zaken | Israel | Jun 16, 2021
Iran to acquire Russian high-resolution recon satellite
Russia is set to give Iran a satellite that could spy on Tehran's potential military targets.
Al-Monitor Staff | Russia | Jun 11, 2021
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