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Syria blames Israel for destruction of evidence in Douma chemical attack
The UN's chemical weapons watchdog warned Syria's government not to move or tamper with the gas canisters recovered at Douma.
Al-Monitor Staff | Syria | Jul 23, 2021
Pro-Syrian government forces gather around buses carrying Jaish al-Islam fighters and their families from their former rebel bastion of Douma as they arrive at the Syrian government-held side of the Wafideen checkpoint on the outskirts of Damascus, after being evacuated from the last rebel-held pocket in eastern Ghouta on April 9, 2018. The evacuations came after accusations Syria's government had used toxic gas on Douma, which the regime denied.
Dubai princess' number on Pegasus spyware list
The phone numbers for Princess Latifa and some of her friends appeared on a leaked database of surveillance targets reportedly selected by customers of the Israel-based NSO Group.
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | Jul 22, 2021
Can African Union revive Nile dam talks?
After the UN Security Council expressed support for the African Union-sponsored talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the African grouping is reportedly seeking a new round of talks to resolve the dispute between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.
Mohamed Saied | Egypt | Jul 19, 2021
Egypt disappointed by Russian stance on Nile dam dispute
Some Egyptians call for reassessing relations with Russia after it failed to back Egypt's view on Ethiopia's Nile dam at the Security Council this month, although overall ties remain strong.
Amr Emam | Egypt | Jul 16, 2021
UN rights expert says Israeli settlements a 'war crime'
Israel blasted the report as “the latest one-sided and biased report against Israel."
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | Jul 9, 2021
UN extends Syria cross-border assistance in compromise with Russia
The UN Security Council agreed to a six-month cross-border aid extension, followed by another six-month extension subject to reporting from the UN secretary-general.
Al-Monitor Staff | Syria | Jul 9, 2021
Egypt to Security Council: Ethiopian dam an ‘existential threat’
Foreign minister says potential disruptions from dam could be like a "malignant plague" for Egypt.
Week in Review | Egypt | Jul 9, 2021
Russia rules out opening second Syria border crossing for aid
Russia's UN ambassador said his government is still considering whether or not to veto the UN's mandate for Syria's last remaining aid crossing.
Al-Monitor Staff | Syria | Jul 1, 2021
Can Oman help mediate peace in Yemen?
The third UN envoy to Yemen is about to leave his post without any tangible peace progress on the ground in Yemen, as Oman continues its quiet mediation efforts.
A correspondent in Yemen | Gulf Pulse | Jun 23, 2021
Cairo, Khartoum take Nile dam issue to UN Security Council
Egypt and Sudan mobilize Arab support in anticipation of reinternationalizing the GERD issue at the UN Security Council.
Muhammed Magdy | Egypt | Jun 19, 2021
UN urges Houthis to permit inspection of aging oil tanker
The Houthis, who control access to the FSO Safer, have prevented the UN from sending a technical team to assess the risk of a potential massive oil spill.
Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen | Jun 4, 2021
UNRWA schools in Gaza provide refuge for displaced families
The Gaza Strip's many schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency sheltered many Palestinians who lost their houses during the fighting.
Taghreed Ali | Palestine | Jun 2, 2021
Erdogan threatens to strike refugee camp inside Iraq
The rhetoric against Makhmour, a settlement where residents are overwhelmingly sympathetic to the Kurdistan Workers Party, could be part of a strategy to divert attention away from economic problems at home.
Amberin Zaman | Iraq | Jun 2, 2021
Have Yemenis given up on Hadi during six-year exile?
Yemeni President Hadi's six-year exile in Riyadh has eroded his legitimacy in the eyes of manyYemenis who do not expect his return home, and realize that even his return will not be a cure-all for Yemen's plight.
A correspondent in Yemen | Yemen | Jun 2, 2021
How big can Biden administration go with aid to Gaza?
A World Bank economic strategy for the West Bank and Gaza released just before the recent Israel-Hamas exchange deserves a closer look.
Week in Review | Palestine | May 28, 2021
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