Women’s rights
Turkish-backed rebels leave trail of abuse and criminality in Syria’s Afrin
The serene topography of the Syrian enclave of Afrin belies the power vacuum and violence now afflicting many of the territories under the control of Turkish-backed forces in the war-torn country’s northeast.
Dan Wilkofsky, Amberin Zaman, Mohammed Hardan | Syria | Jul 22, 2021
Turkish-backed Syrian fighters of the Sultan Murad Turkoman brigade are pictured during a military show in the Afrin region in the rebel-held northern countryside of Syria's northern Aleppo province on Nov. 17, 2020.
Who is Masih Alinejad, target of an alleged Iranian kidnapping plot?
Prosecutors say the four Iranian defendants plotted to forcibly take the Brooklyn-based author and activist to Iran where her "fate would have been uncertain at best.”
Al-Monitor Staff | Iran | Jul 14, 2021
Relatives murder Syrian girl in honor killing
The killing of an 18-year-old girl who refused to marry her cousin at the hands of her relatives in the countryside of Hasakah sparked anger and ignited controversy on social media.
Sultan al-Kanj | Syria | Jul 12, 2021
Egypt arrests TikTok influencer over 'human trafficking'
A Cairo court sentenced university student Haneen Hossam to 10 years in prison and fined her 200,000 Egyptian pounds.
Al-Monitor Staff | Egypt | Jun 23, 2021
Syria's Idlib University bans mixed-gender online groups
Idlib University, managed by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s government in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, issued a decision banning mixed-gender groups on social media, causing uproar and division among students.
Sultan al-Kanj | Syria | Jun 22, 2021
All-women's cafe in opposition-held Idlib stirs controversy
Syria’s northwestern city of Idlib, which is under the control of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, witnessed the opening of its first female coffee shop in what some deemed a type of discrimination against women. Others saw it as an outlet for women to escape the prevailing patriarchy in the Syrian opposition areas.
Sultan al-Kanj | Syria | Jun 15, 2021
Saudi Arabia allows women to register for hajj without male guardian
Women can register "along with other women" for the Islamic pilgrimage this year.
Al-Monitor Staff | News Brief | Jun 14, 2021
Why women are calling for Turkey's only female cabinet member to resign
The Turkish minister of family and social affairs' description of a domestic violence uptick as “tolerable” is seen as emblematic of government efforts to underestimate gender-based violence and femicides in the country.
Nazlan Ertan | Turkey | May 27, 2021
Palestinian women in Jerusalem in crossfire of Israeli Police, settlers
In light of the recent Israeli Police and settlers’ attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Jerusalemite women have been remarkably present, taking part in the demonstrations and using social media to share the suffering of Jerusalemites.
Mai Abu Hasaneen | Palestine | May 16, 2021
Erdogan’s midnight decrees give Turkey nightmares
The overnight decrees increasingly governing Turkey have become a source of livid satire and agony for millions of Turks.
Pinar Tremblay | Turkey | May 13, 2021
Assault on female reporter for not wearing hijab sparks backlash in Gaza
A female reporter was recently insulted and physically assaulted for not wearing the Islamic headscarf, which renewed the debate about women’s rights in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
Entsar Abu Jahal | Palestine | May 11, 2021
Mosul women fight Islamic State legacy with sports, arts events
Mosul women seek to erase their painful memories of IS by holding various activities for women.
Salah Hassan Baban | Iraq | Apr 26, 2021
Murder in Kuwait stirs outrage over violence against women
Farah Akbar was killed this week by a man who was arrested but released on bail after threatening to kill her.
Al-Monitor Staff | Kuwait | Apr 22, 2021
Will Syrian women get wider representation in opposition?
The Syrian opposition is working to empower women and increase their participation at the political level, amid low female representation in official institutions.
Khaled al-Khateb | Syria | Apr 20, 2021
Egyptian parliament approves tougher penalties for female genital mutilation
Egypt's parliament has given preliminary approval to a bill stipulating tougher penalties for female genital mutilation, which remains widespread despite an official ban on the practice. The move coincided with the death of feminist author Nawal El Saadawi, who fought long and hard for an end to the procedure from which she herself suffered as a child.
Shahira Amin | Egypt | Apr 2, 2021
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