'Mountain of information' against Islamic State leads UN investigators to recognize Yazidi genocide
While Monday’s findings leave “no space for denial,” Yazidis now call for legislation and support for development of social and economic life.
Joe Snell | Iraq | May 12, 2021
Yazidi women hold up pictures of missed relatives during a commemoration ceremony in Stuttgart, southern Germany, on Aug. 3, 2019.
Iraq's Yazidis call for autonomy as conflict flares between army, PKK affiliates
Ongoing tensions due to regional interference to settle scores among rivals threaten new acts of violence, menacing the Yazidi minority concentrated in the area.
Saman Dawod | Iraq | Mar 18, 2021
Online ‘auctions’ of Yazidi captives speak of ongoing Islamic State activity in Turkey
The rescue of a 7-year-old Yazidi captive in Ankara raises questions about how hard Turkey is trying to tackle Islamic State militants in the country.
Fehim Tastekin | Iraq | Mar 5, 2021
Iraq mourns the first set of remains of Yazidi genocide victims
More than six years after the massacre, before their burial in Sinjar on Feb. 4, Iraqis held a funeral for Yazidis who were murdered en masse by the Islamic State in 2014.
Mirza Dinnayi | Iraq | Feb 4, 2021
Neglected Yazidi mass graves finally exhumed in Iraq
Six months after the exhumation of the last Yazidi mass graves, those of the Yazidi mothers are being exhumed in Sinjar, which contain over 80 mass graves.
Saman Dawod | Originals | Oct 30, 2020
Yazidis react to Sinjar accord amid growing KRG-PKK tensions in Iraq
A security agreement reached earlier this month between the Iraqi central government and the Kurdistan Region on the disputed territory of Sinjar has sparked both praise and criticism as tensions rise between the KRG and the PKK.
Shelly Kittleson | Iraq | Oct 27, 2020
Yazidi students achieve highest marks in Iraq entrance exams to universities
Despite difficulties in refugee camps, Yazidi students achieved the highest marks on the entrance exams to Iraqi universities.
Saman Dawod | Iraq | Oct 13, 2020
Yazidi spiritual leader Baba Sheikh dies at 87
Nobel laureate Nadia Murad described him as "a beacon of light."
Al-Monitor Staff | Iraq | Oct 2, 2020
Iraqi Kurdistan president carries conciliatory message from Baghdad to Ankara
Iraqi Kurdistan President Nechirvan Barzani carried a conciliatory message from Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to Ankara.
Amberin Zaman | Iraq | Sep 8, 2020
Six years after Yazidi massacre, US urged to take 'bolder action'
Iraq's Yazidis say the threat from the Islamic State and other extremist groups is preventing them from returning home.
Elizabeth Hagedorn | Iraq | Aug 3, 2020
Yazidis still negotiating return of kidnapped women, children
In the absence of local and international authorities, the Yazidis continue buying back their kidnapped women and children.
Saman Dawod | Iraq | Jun 19, 2020
Reports: Children among the dead after Syrian rebels clash in Turkish-held Afrin
Clashes between Syrian rebel groups in the northern city of Afrin left at least two children dead Thursday.
Al-Monitor Staff | Syria | May 29, 2020
Iraqi series produced by Saudi Arabia sparks controversy
Some TV programs on Saudi-funded channels have sparked controversy among Iraqis.
Omar al-Jaffal | Saudi Arabia | May 18, 2020
Justice for genocide: Yazidis hopeful as Islamic State trial opens in Germany
An Iraqi man is on trial in a German court for human trafficking and genocide against the Yazidis.
Elizabeth Hagedorn | Iraq | Apr 24, 2020
Amid public pressure, Iraq suspends transfer of IS families to Zummar camp
Iraqi minorities in the Ninevah Plain are complaining about the transfer of Islamic State families to a camp in their area.
Saman Dawod | Iraq | Apr 21, 2020
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