Yemen war
Saudi Arabia’s Prince Khalid describes 'great' meeting with Blinken
Saudi Arabia’s deputy defense minister, Prince Khalid bin Salman, is the most senior Saudi official to visit Washington under the Biden administration.
Al-Monitor Staff | Saudi Arabia | Jul 8, 2021
Saudi Arabia's Vice Minister of Defense Prince Khalid bin Salman waits for a meeting with US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and others at the Pentagon Aug. 29, 2019, in Washington, DC.
Houthis unmoved so far by US diplomacy to end Yemen war
State Department spokesperson says Biden Administration 'beyond fed up' with Houthi attacks.
A correspondent in Yemen | Gulf Pulse | Jul 8, 2021
Human Rights Watch speaks out for Yemeni model in Houthi custody
Since her arrest in February, Entisar Al-Hammadi has been accused of committing an indecent act and drug possession.
Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen | Jun 30, 2021
US-made drones downed over Yemen weren't military's, CENTCOM says
The Houthis said they wrecked two US drones over Yemen's contested Marib province.
Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen | Jun 24, 2021
Can Oman help mediate peace in Yemen?
The third UN envoy to Yemen is about to leave his post without any tangible peace progress on the ground in Yemen, as Oman continues its quiet mediation efforts.
A correspondent in Yemen | Gulf Pulse | Jun 23, 2021
As Houthis advance on Marib, UN concerned over attacks on civilians
Since the Iran-backed rebels renewed their offensive on the government's last northern stronghold in February, the United Nations has recorded a number of attacks impacting civilians.
Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen | Jun 18, 2021
Gulf states want Iran deal talks to address Tehran’s missiles program, support for proxy groups
The Gulf Cooperation Council’s statement on Wednesday echoed similar demands from members of Congress.
Al-Monitor Staff | Gulf Pulse | Jun 16, 2021
Republican senators ask Biden's UN rep to highlight Houthi rights abuses
Some Houthi officials in Yemen have already been sanctioned by the United States and the United Nations this year.
Al-Monitor Staff | U.S. | Jun 15, 2021
Migrants found dead off Yemen's Red Sea coast after boat capsizes
The bodies were found near Ras Al-Ara, a coastal village in the southern Yemeni province that's known as a smuggling hub.
Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen | Jun 14, 2021
Yemen’s Houthis claim drone attack on Saudi airport
Saudi authorities also said the kingdom's air defenses intercepted an explosive-rigged drone targeting the southwestern city of Khamis Mushait.
Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen | Jun 14, 2021
Russia looks for way back into Yemen
Moscow appears to be making some tentative steps for a deeper engagement in the Yemen war.
Kirill Semenov | Russia | Jun 11, 2021
Death toll rises in alleged Houthi missile attack on Marib gas station
At least 21 people are dead, including a child, following a ballistic missile attack that Yemen's government said targeted a civilian gas station.
Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen | Jun 7, 2021
UN urges Houthis to permit inspection of aging oil tanker
The Houthis, who control access to the FSO Safer, have prevented the UN from sending a technical team to assess the risk of a potential massive oil spill.
Al-Monitor Staff | Yemen | Jun 4, 2021
The Takeaway: Israel’s new government united in opposition to Bibi but not much else
Israeli Arab party leader Mansour Abbas makes history as dealmaker; will Hamas and Assad bury the hatchet; Does Hadi have a future in Yemen? Egypt, Sudan double down on military, economic ties; update on UN Iraq report; more!
Andrew Parasiliti, Elizabeth Hagedorn, Joe Snell | Israel | Jun 2, 2021
Have Yemenis given up on Hadi during six-year exile?
Yemeni President Hadi's six-year exile in Riyadh has eroded his legitimacy in the eyes of manyYemenis who do not expect his return home, and realize that even his return will not be a cure-all for Yemen's plight.
A correspondent in Yemen | Yemen | Jun 2, 2021
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