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Gaza preparing for escalation between Israel and Hamas over Jerusalem, says Hana Salah
On the Middle East with Andrew Parasiliti and Amberin Zaman, an Al-Monitor Podcast
Gaza preparing for escalation between Israel and Hamas over Jerusalem, says Hana Salah
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Hana Salah, an Al-Monitor columnist based in Gaza, discusses the uptick in violence after the cancellation of Palestinian elections and skirmishes in Jerusalem; why Gaza youth feel hopeless about politics; the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and people’s lives; disappointment among Gazans over the Abraham accords; perceptions of Iran; and expectations regarding the Biden Administration’s policies in the region.
-Israel buries Palestinians in numbered graves (al-monitor.com)
-Sparks from Jerusalem rain on Gaza's tinderbox (al-monitor.com)
-A tale of two elections: Netanyahu, Abbas face the abyss (al-monitor.com)
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