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International security expert Eviatar Matania: 40% of global cyber investments reach Israel 
On Israel with Ben Caspit, an Al-Monitor podcastOn Israel with Ben Caspit, an Al-Monitor podcast
International security expert Eviatar Matania: 40% of global cyber investments reach Israel International security expert Eviatar Matania: 40% of global cyber investments reach Israel
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Ben Caspit hosts this week on his podcast Professor Eviatar Matania of Tel-Aviv University, who has played a key role in turning Israel into a world cyber power. The book he coauthored recently with Amir Rapaport, titled Cybermania, has created a stir in Israel and elsewhere. Matania explains that in this domain, Israel is a real player, not just per capita, but in absolute numbers. “Forty percent of global private investments in cyber reach Israel, and one third of the unicorn companies belong to Israelis. These are real numbers of a global power,” he notes. 
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