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Raz Zimmt: Trump-Netanyahu’s Iran strategy pushed Tehran in the wrong direction 
On Israel with Ben Caspit, an Al-Monitor podcastOn Israel with Ben Caspit, an Al-Monitor podcast
Raz Zimmt: Trump-Netanyahu’s Iran strategy pushed Tehran in the wrong direction Raz Zimmt: Trump-Netanyahu’s Iran strategy pushed Tehran in the wrong direction
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Ben Caspit speaks this week with Dr. Raz Zimmt, an expert on Iran at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). Zimmt says that the strategy espoused at the time by then-President Donald Trump and then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Iran was obviously flawed, as it did not reach its objectives. While it’s true that Iran’s economy was severely harmed, that was the means, not the goal. Iran’s nuclear policy did not change and the regime was not replaced. Or to be more exact, the policy changed in the wrong direction, as far as the US and Israel are concerned.  
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