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Syrian Kurdish leader Salih Muslim says Russia allows Turkish drone strikes but no ground offensive against Syria's Kurds
On the Middle East with Andrew Parasiliti and Amberin Zaman, an Al-Monitor Podcast
Syrian Kurdish leader Salih Muslim says Russia allows Turkish drone strikes but no ground offensive against Syria's Kurds
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Turkish leaders continue to threaten another military offensive against the Syrian Kurds. But they need either the Kremlin's or Washington's approval to mount any such offensive in the zones that are under Russian and US control. Salih Muslim, the leader of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party that holds power in northeast Syria, says Erdogan is unpredictable and might carry out a military operation.
Muslim recalls in this conversation with Amberin Zaman the days when he used to travel to Turkey when Ankara was holding peace talks with the Kurdistan Workers Party leader Abdullah Ocalan and his commanders in the field. Muslim says until Turkey solves its Kurdish question, there cannot be peace in the region.
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