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Trump administration’s former Syria envoy Jim Jeffrey says Turkey unlikely to invade northeastern Syria in immediate future
On the Middle East with Andrew Parasiliti and Amberin Zaman, an Al-Monitor Podcast
Trump Administration’s Former Syria Envoy JIM JEFFREY says Turkey unlike to invade northeastern Syria in the immediate future
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Jim Jeffrey, former US ambassador to Turkey and Iraq and the Trump Administration’s top Syria envoy, discusses the Trump Administration’s decision to greenlight the October 2019 Turkish invasion of northeast Syria, which displaced hundreds of thousands of people and led to horrific rights abuses by Turkish-backed opposition rebel groups. Jeffrey has unique insight into US and Turkish policy, past and present, based upon his record of service and personal knowledge with all of the key decision makers in both countries. Jeffrey does not believe that Turkey will follow on its threats to mount another invasion against Syria’s Kurds anytime in the near future.
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